XavierDom is a dominant and sadist from Philadelphia, PA. A recognized master of the Violet Wand, he is skilled in use and safety of the Violet Wand. A side from the Violet Wand, he enjoys many kinds play including, Impact, Fire, Fire Cupping and Wax. If not teaching a class, sharing knowledge or in the dungeon, he can be found outside relaxing with one of the cigar groups.

A Players Guide to the Dungeon
Is this your first event? First time in a Play Space? Wondering what each piece of equipment is use for, how to do it safely? Did you read 50 shades of Grey? If you answered yes at all then you are probably feeling overwhelmed. Welcome! In this class we will discuss the equipment that you will often see and how to use it, safely. We will also discuss Safe Space, Aftercare and how to navigate the dungeon without being a non-consenting target. We will also review basic Etiquette.

Intro to Fire Play
Most of us have been in a play space and seen the telltale flicker of Fire play or smelled the burning alcohol. Have you wondered how is that done, is it safe? In the class I will talk about the safety the materials and most importantly I will teach you how to play with fire in a safe and erotic manner.

Old Medicine as a New Art (Fire Cupping)
Fire Cupping is an advanced fire technique, while not difficult to do, it does require some practice. We will look at the equipment needed and we will talk about the placement of cups, the moving of them and the over aesthetic to be achieve. Mostly we will see how it can be fun and enjoyable for both parties involved.

Puff & Chill
Cigars on the Porch will be hosting a Cigar Social this year at GKE, come join us for a delightful evening smoke, we will have the fire pit going, and some Turkish Coffee or bring a drink of your choice and come to hang with other lovers of the leaf in the courtyard. Come as you are, stay as you wish, you may bring your own smokes, or can trade smokes or for a small donation, and enjoy one of ours.

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