Registration FAQ

I haven’t received a registration link! What do I do?
Search your email (including spam filter) for mail from [email protected]om.

If you’re still not receiving a link please contact our registration provider directly at [email protected] and say you’re having trouble registering for GKE:NE. (They run multiple events and it helps to know which one!)

I want to register a ticket for a friend, but it won’t let me use my email address.
Your friend needs to register for themselves; every ticket needs a unique email address.
Can I change my registration information?
You can log in to your existing registration to make changes at any time.
How do I update or complete a registration?
Go back to the GKE registration form and enter the email address you used to start your registration. You will be sent a new registration link.

Click that link and you’ll be taken directly into your registration where you can review, make changes to, pay for or otherwise complete it.

Clicking the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page will save your progress so there’s no need to click all the way through to the end (unless you need to make payment).

Are there tickets at the door?
Memberships are NOT on sale at the door.

You can purchase memberships online here while sales are open.

Memberships must be purchased in advance for GKE Classic.  Again, there are NO membership sales at the door. Membership sales close approximately 10 days prior to GKE Classic


I can not attend. Can I transfer my registration?

Registration transfers are possible before October 15. The procedure listed below must be followed in order to do the transfer – no exceptions. Once we have the information listed below we’ll process the transfer and notify the involved parties. An $8.95 surcharge may apply in order to complete the transfer.

NOTE: Coil Registration does not facilitate any monetary exchange between parties giving up or receiving registrations – that is strictly between those parties.

Person Giving up Registration:

Send an email to registrar@coilreg.comfrom the email address you registered with. In that email we need the legal name of the person giving up the registration and the legal name and email address of the person to whom the registration is being transferred. We also need to know if the transfer includes extra items like the dinner or tea.

Person Receiving Registration:

Send an email to registrar@coilreg.comwith your legal name and the legal name and email address of the person whose registration is being transferred to you. We also need to know if the transfer includes extra items like the dinner or tea.

Do you run background checks on attendees?
We do not run background checks on our attendees.

When you register for GKE Classic, we will do two things to help ensure a safe, secure atmosphere for all of our guests.

  1. We will run the registrant’s name against a shared list of people banned from various kink and alternative lifestyle events on the Eastern Seaboard.  Reasons someone might be banned include forms of severe misconduct, such as consent violation.
  2. We will run the registrant’s legal name through the sex offender registry of either their home state or, by default, New Jersey.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about these practices, please feel free to contact us!

Can I buy a single day membership?
No. All GKE memberships are for the entire 3 day event. You are welcome to purchase a membership and only attend one or two days, but there are no single day prices.
How much does it cost?
Depends on how early you register. Tickets are $75 until July 31st and $100 afterwards.
Do I need to print anything in advance?
No. You do not need to bring printed information to GKE. Your registration information will be checked on-site at registration against the government issued photo ID you provide.
Do I need ID?
Yes. You must provide a government issued photo ID in order to pick up your Badge. The name on your ID must match the name you registered with. More details in the Age & Photo ID Policy.
I got here before my friends. Can I pick up their badges?
NO. For security reasons, you may only pick up your own badge.
Do I need to print my tickets for catered events?
No. Tickets for catered events are picked up when you receive your membership badge at GKE Classic.
If I lose my badge, can I get another?
You can get one replacement for a lost badge for free. The second one costs $5. You must show your Photo ID to replace a lost badge.
What can I do at the Box Office?
  • Pick up your GKE badge upon presentation and confirmation of identity (Photo ID required)
  • Buy tickets to catered events (If space remains. Cash only.)
What can’t I do at the Box Office?
The Box Office is unfortunately neither equipped nor trained for the following:

  • Lost & Found
  • Merch Sales
  • Information – we just do tickets, we’re not the info booth, sorry!