Courtesan, writer of (smutty) (published) fictions, Queen o’ th’ May, artisan, agent provocateur and Amazon.

My gingerbread condo is full of books, spinning wheels, perfumery, shrines to heathen goddesses, cats, homemade cordials, delicious things for me to feed you and expensive shoes.

Kink Favorites: Wax pouring, being suspended, co-topping, violet wands, energy exchange and getting shy people to interact.

Style for Kink Events for D-types, s-types and Everyone Else (an all gender inclusive workshop)
New to D/s? Never know what to wear to a public event? Don’t know how to read a certain way to others? On a tight budget? Get frustrated with your fabulous body that doesn’t fit into most off the rack styles? Style can be so stressful and frustrating without guidance! Come get guided by your fellow con attendees and workshop leader and leave feeling delicious!

What’s In Your Bag?
A fun Tupperware party-style ice breaker event where everyone gets a chance to show off their favorite toy. Don’t have a toy bag? You have the option to volunteer as tribute for a very brief demo!

Queer Femme & Non Binary Spin the Bottle
Get to know your fellow queer femme/non binary con mates in a fun game of spin the bottle! We’ll share a little about ourselves and what kind of play we are looking for. If the bottle lands on you, chose where you want to be kissed – cheek, hand, mouth, wrist, neck, it’s your choice!

Dominance While Shy
Just because you’re shy doesn’t automatically make you a submissive! Do you feel dominant tendencies that you would like to explore but have trouble getting it out due to your shyness? Learn how to work with your shyness when working with potential submissives, public play and in private scenes.

Poly Meet Up
Whether you identify as solo poly, a poly anarchist, a closed triad, an ethical slut, a polycule, monogamish, a hot bi babe, an intentional community, kitchen table poly, mono/poly, a metamour or some delightful combination of above (or none of the above), come to the poly mixer to discuss, flirt, debate and get to know your fellow poly conmates. Open to all genders and the whole QUILTBAG!

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