The Serenity Space is a safe space to cuddle, come down, and perform aftercare.
Click here for the Serenity Space Rules.
The Serenity Space will be open throughout the con, providing aftercare, pre-care, and everything in between to those who need it. Please come take advantage of our Aftercare Engineers, who are designated to provide and assist in all the comforts, wind downs, reassurances, etc that you may need!
There will also be some fun, low-key activities in the Serenity Space each day. See below for more details!

Newbie Stomp! (Friday)- The Serenity Space opens up as con opens, and provides space for newbies, and people who are looking for connection and answers. Whether you’re new to GKE or even conventions in general, we’re here to help you dip your toes in the water and discuss any questions that may be asked and have some fun. Designed around getting people acclimated, giving people a place to find new friends, and really feel that they are a part of our community.

Saturday Morning Cartoon Snuggle
Serenity Space staff will be holding a carton marathon, where we will be perched in front of a T.V, watching cartoons, in our pajamas! Bring your own stuffies, or borrow ours-wear your cutest pajamas!

Pillow Fort (Sunday) –
Sunday morning in the Serenity Space is time for the “Why Am I Awake Pillow Fort Building”. We use blankets, chairs, pillows, whatever we can grab and make everything from cozy nests to palatial pillow fortresses.

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