Weapons Policy

GKE is friendly to various forms of costume and prop weaponry, with reasonable restrictions. We reserve the right to examine your weapons for legality and safety at any time.

  1. All blades, knives, swords, and weapons must be peace-tied while at the event. Cable ties will be available for peace-tying with our security staff. If it can not be peace-tied then it needs to either go back to your room or vehicle. If you do not have a hotel room or a vehicle, you can leave your weapon in the Public Safety Office.
  2. Any blade or weapon that is illegal to carry in the state of New Jersey is strictly prohibited at GKE. New Jersey has strict and differing weapons laws from surrounding states; please take the time before the event to review them.
  3. No firearms are permitted inside the event.
  4. Non-firing, replica firearms are permitted inside the event at the sole discretion of our security staff. DMs must be informed before beginning any scene involving a non-firing replica weapon. DMs have the right to inspect each weapon before a scene.
  5. Knife-play is permissible inside private rooms, the dungeon, and knife-play classes only.
  6. No weapons (including blades, knives, swords, and non-firing replica guns) will be permitted inside the ball-pit, dance party, inflatables, or other high contact areas at any time, even if they are peace-tied.
  7. NERF and other firing toy guns are allowed.
  8. Please restrict NERF or boffer combat to the designated combat venue.

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