Serenity Space Rules

The Serenity Space is a safe space to cuddle, come down, and perform aftercare.

The Serenity Space will  be open throughout the con, providing aftercare, pre-care, and everything in between to those who need it. Please come take advantage of our Aftercare Engineers, who are designated to provide and assist in all the comforts, wind downs, reassurances, etc that you may need!

Serenity Space is located in Salon B, adjacent to the Dungeon

  1. Please listen to the Serenity Space staff.
  2. Please do not start or continue any BDSM scenes in the Serenity Space.
  3. No sexual activity is allowed in the Serenity Space.
  4. Please respect the nature and purpose of the Serenity Space.
  5. The Serenity Space may occasionally have cuddle puddles, massages, or other contact. Remember to continue to seek consent before touching people and to respect the non sexual nature of the space.
  6. While not a silent space, the Serenity Space is a quiet space. We ask that you keep your noise level down.
  7. Cell phone conversations are not permitted in Serenity Space.
  8. No overnight sleeping or excessive napping is permitted.