Pool Area Rules

So you can stay safe, fun and wet.

  1. No drowning is allowed in the pool and hot tub.
  2. No sex is permitted in the pool and hot tub.
  3. Do not put any liquids into the pool and hot tub.
  4. Skinny-dipping is allowed during posted times only.
  5. No diving is allowed in the pool.
  6. The pool toys are not to be used for BDSM or sexual purposes. Do not remove them from the pool area.
  7. Please refrain from going to the pool area under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  8. Please refrain from participating in activities which jeopardize the health and safety of yourself or event participants.
  9. Please refrain from predicament bondage, dunking, and other dangerous activity outside of any scheduled class on these topics.
  10. Please also remember there is no lifeguard on duty at the hotel pool and you swim at your own risk.