Phone Policy

trafficlightRed Zone – The Dungeon

At no time will cell phone use be allowed. The exception is the first two hours each dungeon is open so you can take pictures.

Yellow Zone  – Hallways, Serenity Space, and classrooms

We ask that you keep phone use to a minimum. In the hallways, we don’t want people bumping into each other. And in classes and panel discussions, we don’t want people just all on their phones. Serenity is meant to be a place for quiet relaxation – please follow the rules set by the Serenity Space Staff. However, presenters are allowed to set their own rules for phone use in their classes. Obvious exceptions are for emergencies.

Green Zone – Hotel Lobby, Bar & Restaurant Area, the courtyard, and the courtyard dungeon

Check what you need to check, do what you need to do. We would like that if you need to have a lengthy conversation, please do that in your room, or if you’re dressed for it, outside in front if the hotel or the parking lot. I know that you might want to snap a quick pic of your friends in all their finery, and we are going to set up an area where you can do that! We don’t want pictures being taken around the event.

Opt-in Photo Wristbands

You can’t take anyone’s picture unless they are wearing a wristband. We are trusting everyone to be on their best behavior and to use their best judgment.  Please see The Photo Policy for more information.  

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