Medical Play Rules

We have an area set aside to accommodate the challenges medical play presents. Please confine medical play to this area.

  1. Please inform the DM before beginning medical play.
  2. Medical play must happen in the medical play area.
  3. Make sure you place chux or a disposable plastic tarp over the floor and equipment.
  4. If you use sharps, you must have your own sharps container.
  5. If you generate bio-trash, including used chux, you must dispose of it in the appropriate bin.
  6. No one who has needles or staples in their body is allowed to leave the medical play area, regardless of if they are covered, capped, or anything else.
  7. The area must be completely cleaned and sanitized after use. Wipes will be provided.
  8. All cuts and lacerations must be bandaged prior to leaving the area.
  9. Catheterization is not allowed at GKE.
  10. Chloroform and other drugs may not be used.

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