General Event Rules

These rules apply to all areas of the event unless specifically exempted at the entrance to specific event areas.

  1. All event participants must sign the Code of Conduct and Rules using their full legal name before being allowed to be admitted to the event; refunds will not be issued to those who do not sign the Code of Conduct and Rules.
  2. All event participants must wear their badge at all times during the event. Failure to do so will result in your removal from the event unless you can produce proper ID to be issued a new badge.
  3. No one may sell products, services, or goods unless they are an approved vendor of GKE or the hotel in which the event is being run. This includes solicitation for sexual services and for services as a pro dom or pro sub.
  4. The event safety team, Security, Medical, and DMs have the final say on all matter of safety and security within the confines of The Geeky Kink Event.
  5. All event participants must abide by the Company Harassment Policy.
  6. No one may engage in medical or penetrative play outside of the dungeon or a private hotel room. We ask that due to the crowded nature of the hotel, you not have any scenes in the bathroom, lobby, or hallways.
  7. GKE is a members-only event. Do not prop outside doors open. Do not sneak other people into the event.
  8. On Sunday at 2pm the general public, including children, will begin to re-enter the hotel. See the dress code for changes.
  9. Despite the fact that we are renting the hotel, we are still their guests. Please refrain from behavior that would prevent us from returning to the hotel.
  10. Respect the hotel staff; some of the staff are fellow travelers. Please do not intentionally freak out the hotel staff.
  11. Touching other people without their express consent, regardless of whether or not it is sexual, is not allowed at GKE. Doing so may cause your removal from the event and/or hotel.

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