Fire Play Rules

  1. Fireplay must be cleared by a Head DM, who will be taking into account a variety of factors to maintain the play environment.
  2. Please understand that this is an indoor dungeon at a hotel, and while all efforts will be made to ensure attendees’ desired play occurs, there will be some measure of working with us required.
  3. Wax play with open flame candles can be done at GKE, but it will need to be in the fireplay area, which will be limited.
  4. Non open flame wax play can be done in the medical area (where the floor is covered), but please check in with a DM.
  5. Fire cupping will be permitted in the fireplay area along with wand fireplay, also at the Head DMs discretion. Due to
  6. Due to the space and safety constraints of the venue, fire-flogging and fire bubbles will not be allowed in the GKE dungeon.

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