Alcoholic Beverage & Drugs Policy

  1. Given the nature of the event, we ask that you not over-consume alcohol. We remind you that alcohol consumption impairs both your and other’s ability to consent to activity.
  2. Visibly inebriated persons will be escorted back to their room or from the premises at the discretion of the safety team.
  3. Alcohol consumption by persons under the age of 21 is illegal and not allowed at GKE.
  4. Hosts of parties are reminded not serve minors or over serve adults. Serving alcohol to minors will result in your expulsion from the event and possible charges being pressed.
  5. We ask that you not bring glass containers/bottles onto the dance floor, into the dungeon, the ballpit, any inflatables, or other high contact activity area.
  6. The use of illegal drugs is illegal and is not permitted at GKE.

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