Age and Photo ID Policy

These are serious legal requirements and we take them seriously.

  1. The minimum age for attendance at GKE is 19 years of age by midnight on October 20, 2017.
  2. No refunds will be given for attendees who purchase tickets do not meet the age requirement.
  3. 18-year-olds who have or would have graduated high school may apply in advance to the Executive Board for a waiver of rule 1. GED, diploma, or other legal document demonstrating this is required.
  4. IDs will be checked at registration. Your ID is required to be a government-issued photo ID. There are no exceptions to this rule; we even ID our mothers (Yes, our mothers go to GKE.).
  5. Both the name and photo must match the information you presented when registering.
  6. If you cannot or refuse to produce a valid government-issued photo ID you will be refused admission. No refunds will be issued for your failure to produce a suitable ID.
  7. Only the registration team and the  Company Manager will have access to people’s legal names and contact information.

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