Ode2Joy is a submissive, poly, masochistic lion cub (not kitten!). In a 24/7 D/s dynamic for two years, she thrives on detailed protocol, open communication, and attempting to walk on the wild side (bratting to her Daddy). She’s an advocate by trade and has a passion for sharing knowledge and experiences, especially when it comes to rope bottoming, D/s relationships, and facilitating healthy, honest discussions. She has presented at events like Dark Odyssey WinterFire/Fusion, TesFEST and performed at Montreal’s Nuit de Cordes. Her love language is planning things, and she can often be found excitedly planning her next adventure.

Concept Art: Exploring How to Produce Rope-Based Photography
As one of the owners of Belle Bondage, an ongoing and successful kinky cosplay art project, Ode2Joy has been producing rope-based photo shoots for almost two years, and has multiple years of theater experience as a director. This workshop-based class takes advantage of her experiences producing shoots and directing theater to show the process of rope shoots from concept to creation. She will discuss each step of the way, from the starting point of an idea, to the non-rope “stuff” to prepare for the shoot, the shoot itself, and the post-process that leads to the final photograph. This class aims to prepare attendees with the knowledge of what it takes to have an idea for a rope-based photo shoot and how to make that idea a reality, with all the accompanying excitement and challenges.

I Suck At Poly (And Ten Ways to Suck Less)
This class is a discussion-based class focused on the lessons that come with being in polyamorous relationships. Poly can be hard for everyone involved, and while it can come with a lot of joy (no pun indeed) and happiness, the learning attached to it can come with pain as well. In this class, Ode2Joy will share some of her learned lessons through her poly experiences and engage the class in order to facilitate sharing of their own learned lessons for the benefit of all attending.

This Doesn’t Feel Right: Tensions, Placements, and Other Ropey Things in Foundational Ties
This class for rope bottoms will focus on when things don’t feel right in foundational ties. Subjects like tension, placements, and the very technical “other ropey things” will be discussed as they apply to rope bottom knowledge, safety, and risk reduction in regards to nerve damage and other injuries. Development of bottom preference for where foundational ties such as arm bands, chest harnesses (including a conceptual TK), single column cuffs, and futomomos should lie on the body will also be addressed. Rope tops are welcome and encouraged to attend both with their tying partner or solo.

I Hate You!: And Other Things You (Should/Shouldn’t) Say to Your Rope Top
This class for rope bottoms will address communication in rope, rather than negotiation or aftercare. Things you should say to your top, like endurance warnings or numbness issues, things you perhaps shouldn’t say, like “I hate you!” or (in response to “how’re things?) a very unspecific “fine,” and how different interpersonal dynamics affect these things will all be explored. The class will also discuss different rope scenarios such as play, lab, and photography rope and how they affect rope communication.

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