“No, No Thank You, Fuck Off”; The art of saying “No”

“No” is a very difficult thing to say, but it is one of the most important ways to keep yourself safe in the scene. Many of us have been raised, and are eager, to please. We fear saying no will disappoint someone and cause us to be disliked. While it’s easy to tell someone to “just say no” many of us, especially bottoms, have a very difficult time putting that into practice. This class offers perspective, techniques, and practice in ways to say “No”

Lilah Rose is best encapsulated as a kinky, geeky, sapiosexual, polyamorous, social introvert with a fetish for sharing knowledge. Outside of her kink life she teaches about mental health in high schools and colleges, models for art and photography from the demure to the erotic and is an avid crafter and horse-woman. Having battled severe mental illness since elementary school Lilah is passionate about sharing the knowledge she has gained on her journey to wellness with others.

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