Omyla suburban homemaker and MILF, is the creator of Bellydance – Secrets from Behind the Veil. An eternal explorer and curious mind, Omyla weaves together a diverse set of interests and professional experience including, bellydance performer & instructor, sex, birth and relationship educator, herbalist and professional artist model and poly activist to create workshops, classes and retreats that support people in connecting authentically to themselves and others in sexy and socially sustainable ways. She is a bit of a Yenta and enjoys matchmaking, experimenting with vegan and gluten free dessert recipes and trying out new dance moves with her partners.

Those Hips Don’t Lie: Bellydance Secrets for Flirting and Power Exchange
“Dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.” Robert Frost

Flirting is more than just the words you use. Tempt and tease an entire room or sizzle that certain someone. Together we step behind the veil to spice up your interactions. Using basic bellydance moves to improve your non-verbal communication in direct and easy-to-learn ways, you will gain a better understanding of how read and deliver a variety of non-verbal cues. Know how to read personal body space and how to play with it confidently. Practice and use body isolations to convey power and desire and learn how to entrain and synchronize with your playmates. This is an interactive class with opportunities for partner and small group exercises. 
This is a clothed, non-genital touching, open-to-all event.

Appropriate for all genders, ages, abilities and experience. No late entry once the doors close.

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