MrsDeWinter2 is so pretentious that her FetLife handle is a Daphne Du Maurier reference. She’s a nerd-of-all-trades who describes herself as straddling the line between kowaii and kawaii, and doing so with a smile, a quip, and a damn fine booty.

She has known she was kinky ever since she was a child and saw an episode of “Aladdin” in which Princess Jasmine got into some shibari with the limbs of a sentient tree/evil sorcerer. She has been looking for a similarly-endowed sentient tree/evil sorcerer ever since, with mixed results.

She’s a writer, comedienne, educator, dramaturg, and sometimes-poet who mostly just wants to make people laugh and have fun sex. Sometimes with her. Cute boys, you are on notice.

Surf Legolas Saved My Life: Kinky Fanfic Storytelling

For many of us, we knew we were kinky when we read or wrote fanfiction. Come listen to our stories.

Slashers: Competitive Sexy Fanfiction

Authors have already written sexy OTPs (one true pairings) for your titillation and amusement. You get to listen to them and vote on your favorite to see which author wins the prize!

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