Do you like to put dirty words in Scrabble? Or been playing Magic: the Gathering and wish you could be spanking your opponent literally and figuratively? Is your problem with Pokemon GO that it’s too vanilla? If you’re a geeky kinkster who’s looking for even more ways to merge their two interests together, this class is for you! I’ll be giving some examples and experiences I’ve had kinkifying games and then open up the floor to brainstorming new and inventive ways to kink things up. No prior gaming experience required. You’ll never look at a pinball machine the same way again.

Shako is a dom from New Hampshire with a lot of geek in their kink. You can usually find them wandering the halls of the GKE, usually wearing their shako. Also, they hit people with a rubber chicken.

P.S. No, they are not a League of Legends character.

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