Get grounded! Floor suspensions are an amazing hybrid, offering the intimacy and connection of floor work with the sensory experience of partial suspension. In addition, floor suspensions are a viable alternative for a variety of body types, when other forms of rope play may not be practical. This interactive class will teach attendees how to:
• Evaluate the safety factors associated with floor suspensions
• Properly rig a hard point and support lines
• Execute a torso and leg lift
• Connect the respective lifts to create a floor suspension.

This is a hands-on class, attendees should wear comfortable clothing since we’ll be tying and getting tied. Bring six to eight pieces of bondage suitable rope such as hemp, jute or MFP. Also bring suspension hardware. Attendees should be capable of tying a suspension worthy Takate Kote, Box Tie, Chest Harness and nonLOCKing single column cuff.

The Black Pomegranate are collectively Mr.BLK and Ms.Pomegranate, poly, sex geeky, educators, bloggers and rope performers. Our blog was recently named #1 and #2 in two respective categories and recognized for its content. We also teach BDSM play techniques, consent and negotiation. Our credo is “Talking the Taboos”, because we want to lead the discussion that helps people to have better, safer sex. Our poly family, writing, and searching for the best restaurants keeps us busy.

Ms.Pomegranate is a seasoned social media professional and avid mythology writer. Mr.BLK passes the time with comic books and kettlebells.

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