Hillary Laughing Coyote is what happens when a young Jersey girl moves to the Southwest desert with a wide-open head full of trickster potential. They are a combination of guide, teacher, and pot-stirrer, which together add up to shamanic practitioner. They have been speaking about spooky spirit matter to groups of interested people since 2008 and facilitating shamanic healing since 2012.

Stealing Spotlight: Tricksters in Geek Culture
Tricksters pop up everywhere in our culture, from the unmissable bLOCKbuster sensation of Loki to the buffoonish sidekick stock character. All tricksters, fools, jesters, and clowns carry their own crazy wisdom, as un-obvious as it might seem. Come discuss your favorite tricksters (and related characters) as we geek out for an our on who they are, what their purpose is, and whether they can be categorized into the Crazy Wisdom archetypes of trickster, fool, jester, and/or clown. Archetypes borrowed gratefully from “The Essential Crazy Wisdom” by Wes “Scoop” Nisker (no relation).

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