A comprehensive starter for those wanting to get into rope or those who are into rope that want some fun and fast ties for interactive rope play. Similar to hojo-jitsu or guerilla tactics, but gentler and more erotic (but I will still show you the painful bits as well). We will also discuss types of rope for this type of play.

Mistress Kayla Crowe is a creative woman with a background in design, sales, and service. A sado-masochist who enjoys trying new things and always expanding beyond the norm of BDSM play; she has been training subs, sissies, and switches for a number of years, in the midwest region. She has been a member of Satyricon and other community groups in the Madison community for over 10 years, an active member of the community for 15 years. She is a NCSF supporter. She presents and demos on non-traditional BDSM toys, Anger Management for Tops, Self-Rejection, CBT rope play and Poly relationships with MadCubsFan (SR) at regional events and private venues.

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