““I have a hidden talent. I hid it in the dungeon. Why don’t you go down there and have a look at it? I’ll lock up after you.”

― Jarod Kintz, “The Merits of Marthaism, and How Being Named Susan Can Benefit You

We’ve got a lovely, full-scale dungeon.  It’s friendly, welcoming, and intended for kinked people at all levels of experience.  (From Beginner to Epic Level and beyond.)

The Dungeon is open through most of the event.

Dungeon hours and Sex Timing Chart:

Day Sex Permitted

Dungeon hours 5pm-3am


Dungeon hours 11am-3am


Dungeon hours 11am-5pm


Dungeon Rules

Please review all of the event rules including the Dungeon rule.

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Want to help?
If you are interested in serving as a DM, or helping out on the Dungeon Assembly Team, please fill out the Volunteer Application.