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Advertising Sponsorship is a great way to help support the wonderful events of Jeff Mach Events while also building your business.

You do not have to be a vendor at GKE Classic to advertise or sponsor! You can reach our attendees even if you can’t be at the event!

Through our sponsorship program, you can leverage the popularity of our events to promote yourself through program book ads, web ads, and even social media.

A 10% discount will be offered to those advertising/sponsoring at both GKE:NE in EXILE and GKE Classic

An overview of advertising and sponsorship is below.  Please use the Order Form to place your advertising and sponsorship order.

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Playbill Advertising

All of our vendors are invited to place an ad in the event playbill to extend your reach beyond the event.  Not vending?  Your business can still reach this niche audience with an ad in the full color playbill!

Ad copy deadline: October 15, 2016. All copy must be received by this date in order to meet printing deadlines.

All files must be 300dpi and CMYK. File Formats accepted for print ads: PDF, JPG, PSD, and TIF. Please add a 1/8th inch bleed on all printed ads. Don’t have an ad? No problem! Design services are available.

Type of Ad Size Price
Back Cover Outside Full Page Only
(only 1 available)
5in x 8in $450.00
Inside Cover Full Page 5in x 8in $350.00
Inside Cover Half Page 5in x 4in $250.00
Double Page 10in x 8in $450.00
Full Page 5in x 8in $250.00
Half Page 5in x 4in $140.00
Quarter Page 5in x 2in $75.00

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Website Advertising

Ad Locations

All of our ad locations are responsive and are in prominent – but not annoying! – locations on our website:

  • Right Sidebar
    A maximum of 4 ads will show at one time (per page view) on the Right Sidebar and are a responsive ratio of 3 x 1. These ads will show on every page of our website and are usually at or above the fold.
  • Below Posts
    A maximum of 1 ad will show at one time (per post view) below news and announcement posts and is a responsive ratio of 8 x 1.
  • Above the Footer
    A maximum of 10 small badge ads will show at one time (per page view) above the footer in a responsive carousel and will be a ratio of either 1 x 1 (square) or 2 x 1 (rectangle). These ads will show on every page.

Advertising Features

  • Ads will rotate evenly among existing ads so that every ad gets even views.
  • Ads will be shown in a random order on every page load so that all ads get fair limelight and visibility.
  • We will track statistics on all ads and will share them with ad owners on request.
  • Ads will be graphics – either static or animated – at a maximum of 128MB in size.
  • Ads will link to a website of your choice and can include tracking codes for your analytics purposes.
  • Ads, in general, will not be bLOCKed by most ad bLOCKing software.
  • Don’t have an ad you can use? No worries, we’ll make one for you!


Advertising prices are flat rate and purchasable in weekly increments and discounts are available for purchasing 4+ weeks in advance. These prices are introductory, and will increase in the future, so if you’re interested, send us a note right away to get these rates!

Monthly Rates Quarterly Rates Yearly Rates
Footer Ads $50.00 USD $125.00 USD $250.00 USD
Sidebar Ads $100.00 USD $250.00 USD $500.00 USD
Post Ads $150.00 USD $375.00 USD $750.00 USD

Social Media Sponsorship

When it comes to marketing, Jeff Mach Events has it all tied up. Take advantage of our dominant marketing position without having to submit to significant financial bondage.

For only $60.00 we will give you two boosted mentions on our Facebook page plus a mention on Fetlife.

The ad will go live once the invoice paid, and the 700px x 100px art and hyperlink for the ad has been supplied to [email protected].

Custom Sponsorships

Do you have a sponsorship idea you don’t see here? Please indicate that you are interested in a custom sponsorship on the Order Form and we will contact you to discuss the possibilities.

KinKardia (ConCardia – GKE variation)

ConCardia will be at GKE Classic! You also have the opportunity to provide tournament prizes. GKE features a Kink specific version of ConCardia – KinKardia!

Info at  ConCardia is a separate entity from Jeff Mach Events. If you have questions regarding ConCardia, please contact Michael Whitehouse at [email protected]

What is ConCardia? ConCardia is a collectible card game in the truest sense of the phrase. Rather than buying packs, players get cards by exploring the convention. They sign up at the ConCardia table for free and are given a series of tasks and quests to get cards. The very first quest they must complete before they can pursue any others is that of visiting every single sponsoring vendor to get the card that they hold.

  • Basic KinKardia Sponsorship (100 cards) – $50
  • Extra KinKardia card sets – $10/100 cards

More Information

If you have additional questions regarding advertisements and sponsorships, contact Advertising and Sponsorship Coordinator at [email protected]

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