Consent Based Flirting: The Pick-Up Play Edition

So, you’re at the dungeon and you meet a cutie. You want to do terrible terrible things with them. What happens next? How can you practice good consent and still end up having a chance to “spin their PokéStop”? Well, Akabi and Miho are here to help. Through a series of discussions and activities, we will practice and explore how to be ethical and still play with strangers. The class will focus on flirting, vetting, scene negotiations, and things to watch out for during the scene.

Darth “I’m not a Dom” Miho enjoys consensually doing evil things to pretty people. While not wielding an arsenal of pain, Miho is a poly sci nerd of a most wonkish caliber with a passion for both the social and business sides of the video game industry. When not digging around their twitter for news they consider themselves something of a perfectionist about their impact technique and a remarkable dork about History of various periods and regions.

Akabi is a kinky queer geek. They have been called “an encyclopedia of all things queer and poly.” When not thinking about, reading about, and discussing such things, they enjoy playing with circus toys, fire spinning, writing poetry, engaging in general geekery (especially superheroes) and weirdness.

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