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Much like Alice in Wonderland, Ivy fell down the rabbit hole and has been tumbling ever since. After her start in Michigan Ivy began exploring the wonderful world of kink and has chased it around the world. As a fine arts and culinary school graduate, Ivy has been frolicking around deepening her understanding of kink, cats, and baked goods.

Love and Kink and Spoons
Based on Spoon Theory this class delves into how to develop rich and fulfilling kink lives without using up what precious little energy you have left at the end of the day. It also discusses how to get the most out of your self care.


Fox (they/them) is a gleefully geeky queer multiracial non-binary switch, making the most of life despite being described as “Medically Interesting” by their doctors. Polyamorous and kinky for around 20 years, they have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, a rampant sensual streak, an occasionally dangerous addiction to puns, and a laugh that carries in playspaces.

Chronically Kinky – Disability & Kink Roundtable
Kinksters with health troubles are far from uncommon – the US Census Bureau reported in 2010 that nearly 1 in 5 people in the US had a disability – but many of us feel so alone. This is a space for people with disabilities, chronic illness or other health issues to gather and discuss our experiences with kink in a laid-back and welcoming environment. Join us for a roundtable discussion to share stories and exchange thoughts on how to better meet our desires while accommodating our needs. Bring questions, experiences, ideas or simply open ears.

Ferrett Steinmetz / theferrett

Ferrett Steinmetz is, for purposes of this convention, one of the most popular writers on FetLife, routinely racking up thousands of “loves” for his essays on polyamory. He’s been married to his wife for eighteen years, dating his girlfriend for nine, and been in stable relationships with four other people for over two years, so at least he knows how to run a Google Calendar.
For purposes of more literary aspirations, Ferrett Steinmetz is also a Nebula-nominated science fiction writer, with four books out. His latest, THE UPLOADED, is now available at all respectable bookstores, and is about the political revolution that happens 500 years after we develop a digital heaven. He blogs on FetLife as theferrett, on Twitter as @Ferretthimself, and has a website at www.theferrett.com. He lives in Cleveland with his wife, a small dog, and a quiet ghost.

Jealousy Is Not A Crime: Troubleshooting Broken Polyamory
If you’re dating multiple people, bumps will occur, sure as death and taxes. The question is, how do you figure out what’s wrong… and how do you repair the faults so that you emerge stronger and saner? Kinktastic writer Ferrett Steinmetz will lead a discussion about how to fight fairly, how to be respectful to all the people in your poly web, and how to create a solid set of dealbreakers.

Effective Long-Distance Relationships
Your lover’s in another town, and you miss them. But how do you work to schedule things effectively? How do you endure the periods of longing? How do you resolve conflicts effectively when you might not see each other for months? Let Ferrett Steinmetz share all the ways he’s blown it, and guide you to better paths.

Ferrett Steinmetz Book Signing/Excuse To Meet Ferrett
Ferrett has a new book out – THE UPLOADED, about uploaded brains and broken families – and he wants to give you cookies and sign your books! But even if you don’t have a book (which you can buy from him), he’ll be standing in an area for an hour and happy to talk to you. If you’ve wanted to say “hello,” well, here’s your chance to chat!

How To Fight Fairly
It’d be lovely if every problem could be worked out with a calm, reasonable discussion – but this is the real world, and tempers rise. Relationship expert Ferrett Steinmetz discusses what separates a productive argument from a destructive argument, and will argue that good fights are not only necessary, but can actually bring you closer together.

Raven Kaldera

Raven Kaldera is a queer polyamorous FTM transgendered intersexual Northern Tradition shaman. He is the author of 39 books and innumerable articles on sexuality, spirituality, polyamory, BDSM, power exchange, and transgender issues. He is the 2014 Northeast Master titleholder, the managing editor of Alfred Press, a minister in the First Kingdom Church of Asphodel, the Evil Overlord of the Transsexual Empire, and a general troublemaker. He homesteads with his poly family on a little farm in Massachusetts, and can be found online at www.ravenkaldera.org. ‘Tis an ill wind that blows no minds.

Fur, Fangs, Feathers, Fetish: Primal Animal Play as Shamanic Totem Working
What’s the original meaning of the word “fetish”? It’s a magic charm carried to bestow strength and spiritual power. In shamanic cultures, those fetishes were often links to the spirits of totemic animals, to whom offerings were made. Today, some of us shapeshift into animal form in one way or another during sex in ways that are closer than we realize to those ancient practices. Raven the kinky shaman will discuss the hidden crossovers between shamanic totem work, Primal animal play, Furries, folkloric spirit-figures, and sexual mystery theater. (And, um, the beauty of tentacle porn. Maybe.)

Power, Surrender, and Safety: Negotiating Unequal Relationships When You’re Gender Transgressive
Power dynamic relationships – where one person has authority over the other, such as Leader/supportive, Dominant/submissive, or Master/slave – are sought out by transgender, genderqueer, and otherwise gender transgressive individuals as often as anyone else, for reasons both good and bad. However, we have special challenges when it comes to finding, negotiating, and maintaining our health and safety in these relationships. For transfolk, those who love them, and those who are just interested, this class will discuss the joys, problems, and dangers of trans power dynamics. Taught by the 2014 Northeast Master title holder, half of the first trans/trans couple to win that title, we’ll learn how to get what we need out of power exchange while staying safe and not settling for a less than optimal situation.


Andrew Zorowitz has spent the last 6 years in the scene trying to perfect his personal style – a blend of goofiness, rough body play, rope and a joy of hurting others. He tries to focus on the fun of sadistic play and teaches that to others.

Predicament Bondage
This class will explore the use of bondage to create dynamic predicaments – situations where the bottom needs to decide which of multiple types of pain or stress is most endurable at any given point and balance between their options. We will present several situations and go over how to use these concepts in scenes of your own. Either rope and a knowledge of basic column ties or leather straps or cuffs will be helpful in replicating the scenarios from this class, as will a pair of nipple clamps.


Katalyste is a poly queer femme who practices chaos-Buddhism, relationship anarchy, and works for the continued growth of two polyamorous communities in Memphis, TN and Norfolk, VA. She teaches workshops on Non-Violent Communication and is deeply passionate about giving people the tools they need to communicate with an authentic, clear, and kind voice. She is interested in learning by doing and being in service to community.

Kinesthetic Poly
Kinesthetic (or tactile) learning is a learning style in which students learn by physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations. Together we will explore how we engage with connection and endure stress in different poly configurations, learning through movement and learning to recognize emotions in our body. Students must be able to stand and walk. Consent will be negotiated for social touching (for example, holding hands, touching shoulders). Partners welcome but not necessary.

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