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So You Want It Hot and Sweaty, Do You?!: Sadistic Fire Play

Can you kink it!?
Welcome to Can You Kink It!? I’m your host, Dr. Blackwell. In this game, we will have bags of randomly assorted items; (toasters, spoons, hockey pucks, old used sharpies, gummy worms.. Etc). It is your goal to work as a team quickly against fellow kinksters to make the best kinky item you can in just 60 minutes. Teams will be supplied with limited resources, so they better think smart! Come and build your hearts out on our First ever Can you kink it!?. Our winners will receive a special ribbon for their badges and bragging rights until next year!

Fire Wand Making
“In this class, you will learn a few different ways to create your own fire play wands. Dr. Blackwell will be teaching you about the materials that work best, techniques for a long lasting fire wand, and teaching a hands-on demonstration for making a basic fire play torch. Every person that participates will walk away with a playable Fire wand and a basic safety sheet on how to use it. Space is limited, preregistration is recommended. Walk-ins will be admitted if open space remains.

There is a $10 per person materials cost, that can be paid via PayPal. Please use the form on the event website to register for this class and receive instructions on paying the materials fee. Seating is limited to XX people.”

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+2 Comedy

+2 Comedy is the premiere geek stand-up comedy group on the East Coast. They’re five-year veterans of Otakon, with the Beyond the Tentacle series proving one of the most popular panels of the show. +2 Comedy has appeared at over sixty conventions on the East Coast.

Game the Gamer (After Dark Edition)
+2 Comedy is delighted to present a video game game show that isn’t just for kids. Four audience members will compete for video game dominance. Sabotage is for sale, though, and this time, the obstacles are definitely a lot more fun.

Beyond the Tentacle Chronicles
An exciting new addition to the Beyond the Tentacle family. Explore the weird, wild world of Japanese fetishes with +2 Comedy. Live demonstrations and exciting games promise a great story later for everyone involved, or an embarrassing memory you’ll never want to speak of again! Either way, everyone wins!

+2 Comedy Stand-Up Comedy
Exactly what it says on the tin. Adult Geek stand-up, with a Q&A afterwards to answer your most burning questions and settle your least amicable debates. What would the rest of the Justice League do with Wonder Woman’s lasso? What’s Mario’s safe word? Are the Unforgivable Curses unforgivable if you consent to it? The sky’s the limit- the Cobra Kai of geek comedy will tackle any query your heart desires.

+2 Comedy Podcast Live
A live talk show with a game show element. A surprise convention guest will be interviewed, and the audience will be able to play Host vs Guest vs Audience

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Akabi & BlueLikeMorning

Akabi is a kinky queer geek. They have been called “”an encyclopedia of all things queer and poly.”” When not thinking about, reading about and discussing such things, they enjoy playing with circus toys, fire spinning, writing poetry, engaging in general geekery (especially superheroes) and weirdness.

Blue is a small, soft, gay dragon who has been working with JME for several years. They are transgenderqueer, asexual, and hopelessly romantic. They have a passion for brightly-colored socks, rough body play, and cats.

Trans and Non Binary panel
Bring your silly (and not so silly) questions because here is a forum to actually ask them. We’ve gathered a panel of people with non traditional gender identities to share their experiences and answer your curiosities. We’ll give you a quick intro to the trans and non binary spectrum and then we’ll open the floor to questions from the audience.

Asexuality and Aromanticism panel
Bring your silly (and not so silly) questions because here is a forum to actually ask them. We’ve gathered a panel of people on the asexual and aromantic spectrum to share their experiences and answer your curiosities. We’ll give you a quick intro to asexuality and aromanticism and then we’ll open the floor to questions from the audience.

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During BDSLR’s two year rope journey, his bondage style has grown into what he calls “”Baltimore-style rope:”” intense, mean, and technically proficient. He views himself as a sponge, and prefers tying sadistically. He aims to evoke intense emotion from his bottoms, but values the intimacy of tying, and most enjoys the connection it creates between people.

While official presenting is still a newer frontier, he has been teaching his own ties to many in Baltimore and other local rope circles. He prefers a “”show and tell”” method, where he performs the tie once at full speed, and then goes through it a second time step by step, including the safety requirements. He’ll then explain the how and the why of the tie, supported by scene anecdotes of how he’s used it, how things have went wrong, how he fixed them and now prevents issues to use the tie successfully.

Face, Fingers, Feet, and Toes…That’s Where All the Torture Rope Goes!
BDSLR will walk participants step by step through four specific torture ties: a face mask tie, a microbondage fingers tie, a microbondage toe tie, and a futo based on a really sucky foot cuff. These are all fairly strenuous ties, but ones that can easily be tailored to the bottom’s endurance and pain tolerance. He will demo each tie, and then participants will get a chance to torture their bottoms or themselves with them. He will continue the class by showing how the ties can be used in a partial predicament scene. And just as a fun bonus, BDSLR will show his in-line hair tie; it really doesn’t slip!

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Briska has been in the scene and all over the spectrum for over 10 years. Having modeled for Insex, worked for a few vendors, and gone to her share of cons, she’s happy to finally be back in the scene after a few years off. Briska has experience helping improve communication efforts, as an RA at Rutgers University, a career bartender and scene educator.

But I’m a Girl!
This class seeks to embrace female tops (and gamers!); from riggers to sensualists. Whether you ID as a Dominatrix or a casual rope switch, this round table will bring together female-identified tops (and our bottoms!) for a small kvetch and look at the unique problems and privileges that come with being female in both the Geeky and Kink realms. The setting will be an intimate round-table discussion.

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A bringer of fun, a presenter of games, and a teller of fantastic stories. Step inside his dream and awaken.

Strip Twister
As has become a GKE tradition, the fun and friendly game of right foot blue, left hand green has gotten an adult upgrade.

What’s Your Kink/Fetish?
Let’s get together and talk organically about the things we’re into. We’ll discuss how we learned that we are into what we are into and what we like about them.

For the newer members, this is a good way to discuss and get out into the open what you like and find others to connect with so that you can explore.”

Naughty Whose Line is it Anyway?
Imagine some of your favorite games and skits from Whose Line? and give them a GKE twist.

Strip Simon Says
Ah, the classic game of Simon Says. The moderator says, you do, but only if he says “Simon Says!” If you mess up, you lose clothes. Who will be the last person standing?

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Fireheart (Michael) has worked in the fields of sales and marketing for almost two decades, but sales and marketing is really just understanding what people want and finding ways to align their wants to your wants.

Making the connection
Why is it so hard to meet people? Whether you are looking for a play partner for the evening or a partner for life, it can be difficult to make a connection. Why can some people play as much as they want at an event like GKE, while others watch from the sidelines? It’s not about how you look. It’s about what you do. In this workshop, we will discuss techniques, strategies and mindsets to find a partner and create a connection, but we will do so with a constant awareness that our potential partners are *people* to be treated with respect and honesty at all times. This is not a workshop for pickup artists. It is for good, honest people looking to have a safe, sane, consensual time with other good people.

After the workshop, we’ll be doing a short speed-dating event so you can put what you learn to work.

KinkCardia Tournament
When the rubber hits the road and the cards hit the table, join us for the ConCardia/Kinkcardia tournament. This will be one of the only events all year where you can play with the more risque Kinkardia cards in an actual tournament.

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Katalyste is a poly queer femme who practices chaos-Buddhism, relationship anarchy, and works for the continued growth of two polyamorous communities in Memphis, TN and Norfolk, VA. She teaches workshops on Non-Violent Communication and is deeply passionate about giving people the tools they need to communicate with an authentic, clear, and kind voice. She is interested in learning by doing and being in service to community.

Kinesthetic Poly
Kinesthetic (or tactile) learning is a learning style in which students learn by physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations. Together we will explore how we engage with connection and endure stress in different poly configurations, learning through movement and learning to recognize emotions in our body. Students must be able to stand and walk. Consent will be negotiated for social touching (for example, holding hands, touching shoulders). Partners welcome but not necessary.

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Mark Wiseman (Wiseguy)

The unofficial dean of erotic hypnosis education, Mark Wiseman (Wiseguy) brings his brand of humor and fun into classes that teach anyone how to use erotic hypnosis in a way that is safe, ethical, responsible, and hot.

In mundane life Wiseguy is a professional hypnotist, a teacher of professional hypnotists, and author of the books Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis and The Mind Play Study Guide, the first hypnosis books written expressly for the kink community.

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Erotic Hypnosis 101

Just getting started with erotic hypnosis? This overview gives you a broad view of what erotic hypnosis is about: what it is, how it’s used, and how an erotic hypnosis scene is structured and executed. Geared toward both the hypnotist and the hypnotee (subject).
Includes a demonstration scene with an audience volunteer. (Lecture/demo, 60-90 minutes, absolute beginner and up)

Kinky Human Tricks

This presentation is designed to answer the question, “They’re in trance; now what?” with demonstrations of some of the most popular erotic hypnosis techniques. Wiseguy covers things such as generating arousal, sensation play, hypnotic bondage/impact play, memory play, and hypnotically-induced orgasms.
Each demo includes explanation of the technique, some ideas for variations, and safety tips. (Demo with lecture; 60-90-120 minutes; for anyone)

The Art of Teaching

This community is all about sharing knowledge.
In this class, Wiseguy shares techniques and skills that can help you be more effective as a teacher or presenter, whether you teach kink at an event or just need to give presentations at your day job.
Learn how to organize your material to be easier to absorb, build rapport with your audience, psych yourself up before you start, and more.
(Lecture, but the whole class is actually a demo of the techniques discussed; 60 minutes; beginner and up, no hypnosis knowledge needed)

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Mr Person has been performing and teaching with whips for over 15 years. 10 of those years have been in the scene teaching single tail play for events all over the north east. In this time he has developed a system for play that anyone can learn and use.

Single Tail Whip Demo
This class will be centered on basic and some advanced whip play. There will be a demo and plenty of time for questions, as well as some time for class attendees to try the feel of a whip should they be curious.

Single Tail workshop
This workshop is for people who have had difficulty learning to throw a whip or for anyone who would like to learn a bit more. It will include basic throws as well as some advanced techniques for the more experienced. If you have a whip please bring it. There will be a limited number of whips for loan.

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Omyla suburban homemaker and MILF, is the creator of Bellydance – Secrets from Behind the Veil. An eternal explorer and curious mind, Omyla weaves together a diverse set of interests and professional experience including, bellydance performer & instructor, sex, birth and relationship educator, herbalist and professional artist model and poly activist to create workshops, classes and retreats that support people in connecting authentically to themselves and others in sexy and socially sustainable ways. She is a bit of a Yenta and enjoys matchmaking, experimenting with vegan and gluten free dessert recipes and trying out new dance moves with her partners.

Those Hips Don’t Lie: Bellydance Secrets for Flirting and Power Exchange
“Dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.” Robert Frost

Flirting is more than just the words you use. Tempt and tease an entire room or sizzle that certain someone. Together we step behind the veil to spice up your interactions. Using basic bellydance moves to improve your non-verbal communication in direct and easy-to-learn ways, you will gain a better understanding of how read and deliver a variety of non-verbal cues. Know how to read personal body space and how to play with it confidently. Practice and use body isolations to convey power and desire and learn how to entrain and synchronize with your playmates. This is an interactive class with opportunities for partner and small group exercises. 
This is a clothed, non-genital touching, open-to-all event.

Appropriate for all genders, ages, abilities and experience. No late entry once the doors close.

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Ode2Joy is a submissive, poly, masochistic lion cub (not kitten!). In a 24/7 D/s dynamic for two years, she thrives on detailed protocol, open communication, and attempting to walk on the wild side (bratting to her Daddy). She’s an advocate by trade and has a passion for sharing knowledge and experiences, especially when it comes to rope bottoming, D/s relationships, and facilitating healthy, honest discussions. She has presented at events like Dark Odyssey WinterFire/Fusion, TesFEST and performed at Montreal’s Nuit de Cordes. Her love language is planning things, and she can often be found excitedly planning her next adventure.

Concept Art: Exploring How to Produce Rope-Based Photography
As one of the owners of Belle Bondage, an ongoing and successful kinky cosplay art project, Ode2Joy has been producing rope-based photo shoots for almost two years, and has multiple years of theater experience as a director. This workshop-based class takes advantage of her experiences producing shoots and directing theater to show the process of rope shoots from concept to creation. She will discuss each step of the way, from the starting point of an idea, to the non-rope “stuff” to prepare for the shoot, the shoot itself, and the post-process that leads to the final photograph. This class aims to prepare attendees with the knowledge of what it takes to have an idea for a rope-based photo shoot and how to make that idea a reality, with all the accompanying excitement and challenges.

I Suck At Poly (And Ten Ways to Suck Less)
This class is a discussion-based class focused on the lessons that come with being in polyamorous relationships. Poly can be hard for everyone involved, and while it can come with a lot of joy (no pun indeed) and happiness, the learning attached to it can come with pain as well. In this class, Ode2Joy will share some of her learned lessons through her poly experiences and engage the class in order to facilitate sharing of their own learned lessons for the benefit of all attending.

This Doesn’t Feel Right: Tensions, Placements, and Other Ropey Things in Foundational Ties
This class for rope bottoms will focus on when things don’t feel right in foundational ties. Subjects like tension, placements, and the very technical “other ropey things” will be discussed as they apply to rope bottom knowledge, safety, and risk reduction in regards to nerve damage and other injuries. Development of bottom preference for where foundational ties such as arm bands, chest harnesses (including a conceptual TK), single column cuffs, and futomomos should lie on the body will also be addressed. Rope tops are welcome and encouraged to attend both with their tying partner or solo.

I Hate You!: And Other Things You (Should/Shouldn’t) Say to Your Rope Top
This class for rope bottoms will address communication in rope, rather than negotiation or aftercare. Things you should say to your top, like endurance warnings or numbness issues, things you perhaps shouldn’t say, like “I hate you!” or (in response to “how’re things?) a very unspecific “fine,” and how different interpersonal dynamics affect these things will all be explored. The class will also discuss different rope scenarios such as play, lab, and photography rope and how they affect rope communication.

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pixel_queer is a researcher, educator, performance artist and dandy leatherqueer who has been studying boxing and martial arts since February of 2016. pixel_queer steps into the ring with glitter nails and eyeliner and studies martial arts for cognitive and emotional well being.

The Weirdos and Queerdos Boxing Club
Boxbailando and Cardio Instruction with glitter for Weirdos and Queerdos. Definitely Uncool.

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XavierDom is a dominant and sadist from Philadelphia, PA. A recognized master of the Violet Wand, he is skilled in use and safety of the Violet Wand. A side from the Violet Wand, he enjoys many kinds play including, Impact, Fire, Fire Cupping and Wax. If not teaching a class, sharing knowledge or in the dungeon, he can be found outside relaxing with one of the cigar groups.

A Players Guide to the Dungeon
Is this your first event? First time in a Play Space? Wondering what each piece of equipment is use for, how to do it safely? Did you read 50 shades of Grey? If you answered yes at all then you are probably feeling overwhelmed. Welcome! In this class we will discuss the equipment that you will often see and how to use it, safely. We will also discuss Safe Space, Aftercare and how to navigate the dungeon without being a non-consenting target. We will also review basic Etiquette.

Intro to Fire Play
Most of us have been in a play space and seen the telltale flicker of Fire play or smelled the burning alcohol. Have you wondered how is that done, is it safe? In the class I will talk about the safety the materials and most importantly I will teach you how to play with fire in a safe and erotic manner.

Old Medicine as a New Art (Fire Cupping)
Fire Cupping is an advanced fire technique, while not difficult to do, it does require some practice. We will look at the equipment needed and we will talk about the placement of cups, the moving of them and the over aesthetic to be achieve. Mostly we will see how it can be fun and enjoyable for both parties involved.

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