Katalyste & I_dont_talk_much

Katalyste is a poly queer femme who practices chaos-Buddhism, relationship anarchy, and works for the continued growth of two polyamorous communities in Memphis, TN and Norfolk, VA. She teaches workshops on Non-Violent Communication and is deeply passionate about giving people the tools they need to communicate with an authentic, clear, and kind voice. She is interested in learning by doing and being in service to community.

I_dont_talk_much is poly and queer. They host events for Greater Richmond Poly. They are committed to quietly and powerfully holding space for queer and poly communities.

Queer Mixer hosted by Katalyste and I_dont_talk_much
For queers by queers. Share a safe space to talk about queer politics, activism, gender non-normativity, art, fish, and kink. Introvert friendly: please come to the hosts as a safe space for making introductions or just quietly sharing space. All LGBTQ+ people who respect and treat each other with awesomeness are welcome.

Princess Honeybee

Princess Honeybee is a kink writer sharing educational, heartfelt and funny words to help others achieve their kinky dreams. With 17+ years experience as an active kinkster, organizer and educator (kink and vanilla), she makes kink accessible, realistic, and above all, fun.

Feminization Social
A casual meetup for people of any gender who enjoy feminine presentation. Whether it’s for self-expression, kink, power exchange, just for fun, or all of the above, we’ll share our tips and tricks for dressing, makeup, feminizing bondage, and more.

The Exquisitely Kinky Corpse
The classic writing game, The Exquisite Corpse, is a form of shared storytelling with contributions taken hilariously out of context. Like Mad Libs, but with more sex and violence.


Bunny is a fan of bringing people together through fun, sometimes awkward, but usually good for you icebreakers, chit chats and laughter. She believes in friendships and bonds and relationships make in good time and with good people.

Shy People Meetup
A safe place to get to know others, share common interests, ask questions, and share concerns. A low-energy meet and greet for people who need to dip their toes in the water with other like-minded people before diving into the rest of the weekend. There will be interactive icebreakers, games, and introductions.


Brave_Dance is just a fun, loving geeky guy who loves getting people together to talk, laugh and learn new things whether it’s about real issues or other important issues, like ponies.

Kinky Geeks of Color and Allies Meetup
This will be a space where we can discuss not only current issues but feelings when it comes to being a kinkster of color. This will be less formal. We’ll sit and chat with each other about current events and other topics of the like.

Hyper Awesome Fantastic Anime Trivia Vol. 2
Prove your meddle. Teams of 4 will compete. After 5 grueling rounds, one team will rise as the Hyper Awesome Fantastic champions of Anime trivia. There will be prizes

My Little Pony Meetup
Let’s talk about ponies and stuff!


A bringer of fun, a presenter of games, and a teller of fantastic stories. Step inside his dream and awaken.

Strip Twister
As has become a GKE tradition, the fun and friendly game of right foot blue, left hand green has gotten an adult upgrade.

What’s Your Kink/Fetish?
Let’s get together and talk organically about the things we’re into. We’ll discuss how we learned that we are into what we are into and what we like about them.

For the newer members, this is a good way to discuss and get out into the open what you like and find others to connect with so that you can explore.”

Naughty Whose Line is it Anyway?
Imagine some of your favorite games and skits from Whose Line? and give them a GKE twist.

Strip Simon Says
Ah, the classic game of Simon Says. The moderator says, you do, but only if he says “Simon Says!” If you mess up, you lose clothes. Who will be the last person standing?


Rubyquill is a full time blerd and part time switch. They are the designated Mama Bear of Serenity Space and has roamed the halls of GKE since the first one. You’ll usually find them stanning kpop groups, fawning over food porn on Instagram, or pondering kink rules for various role-playing games.

Women of Color in Kink
Sometimes you wanna go where everybody has a sense of solidarity with you. This is a space for all women (cis, trans, genderfluid. etc) of color to gather and discuss how we can shape the kink community to better suit our needs.

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