Experience a lovely Cream Tea with delicious scones and fine tea for your enjoyment. Get to know your fellow congoers while observing lavish kinky displays for your delight alongside gorgeous instrumental music.

Your tea hostess will be Spencer Holloway. Ms. Holloway has enjoyed many years in service to camellia sinesis, clotted cream and etiquette. She has hostessed teas and salons for over ten years now and loves nothing better than making the impossible possible. She is fluent in Regency and Victorian England, medieval women of note, occultism, White Wolf roleplaying games (OWoD preferred), feminism and flirtation. She is known to lead a merry chase and an even merrier tea party.

GKE Tea will be held 1-2pm Saturday

Suggested Dress Code: We all have an item of clothing in our closet that we love but! Le sigh! So much effort! Boots that need a lot of lacing and polishing, sky high heels that require careful balancing, bowties that need to be tied just so, corsets that require assistance to put on, your beloved latex catsuit that takes a half hour to put on. This tea is an excellent opportunity to show off your finery!

Help Wanted: We are looking for service-oriented people who are willing to attend a short meeting pre-tea to learn how to serve tea properly, serve tea and participate in a tableau. Required: availability at least one hour prior to tea service, ability to stand on your feet, desire to interact with tea-goers, basic memorization of the description of the tea you are serving, interest in a (pre-negotiated) group tableau/scene at the end of tea. Required dress: black clothing and white apron, both provided by you. Aprons start at $6 on Amazon.

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