Hillary Laughing Coyote

Hillary Laughing Coyote is what happens when a young Jersey girl moves to the Southwest desert with a wide-open head full of trickster potential. They are a combination of guide, teacher, and pot-stirrer, which together add up to shamanic practitioner. They have been speaking about spooky spirit matter to groups of interested people since 2008 and facilitating shamanic healing since 2012.

Stealing Spotlight: Tricksters in Geek Culture
Tricksters pop up everywhere in our culture, from the unmissable bLOCKbuster sensation of Loki to the buffoonish sidekick stock character. All tricksters, fools, jesters, and clowns carry their own crazy wisdom, as un-obvious as it might seem. Come discuss your favorite tricksters (and related characters) as we geek out for an our on who they are, what their purpose is, and whether they can be categorized into the Crazy Wisdom archetypes of trickster, fool, jester, and/or clown. Archetypes borrowed gratefully from “The Essential Crazy Wisdom” by Wes “Scoop” Nisker (no relation).

Bher (@SirLadyBear)

SirLadyBear, also known as the happy sadist, is a queer geek of color who specializes in creative sadism and impact.

Playing with Bigger Bodies
People come in many shapes and sizes, but for some reason many people are hesitant when it comes to playing with those of us with larger bodies. This presentation focuses on different tricks and tips on the many ways play can be altered for plus size people.

-sparkles- / Ivy

Much like Alice in Wonderland, Ivy fell down the rabbit hole and has been tumbling ever since. After her start in Michigan Ivy began exploring the wonderful world of kink and has chased it around the world. As a fine arts and culinary school graduate, Ivy has been frolicking around deepening her understanding of kink, cats, and baked goods.

Love and Kink and Spoons
Based on Spoon Theory this class delves into how to develop rich and fulfilling kink lives without using up what precious little energy you have left at the end of the day. It also discusses how to get the most out of your self care.


Babybeaver is dedicated to building a community and making people feel accepted within it. They can mostly be seen talking to newbies and putting them at ease and facilitating hookups for friends.

Niche! Speed Dating
Ever wanted to meet someone in a structured environment and just get a few things out in the open? Well that’s what speed dating is for! Everyone will meet everyone, questions will be provided! Meet a friend, a playdate and maybe even a partner.


Fox (they/them) is a gleefully geeky queer multiracial non-binary switch, making the most of life despite being described as “Medically Interesting” by their doctors. Polyamorous and kinky for around 20 years, they have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, a rampant sensual streak, an occasionally dangerous addiction to puns, and a laugh that carries in playspaces.

Chronically Kinky – Disability & Kink Roundtable
Kinksters with health troubles are far from uncommon – the US Census Bureau reported in 2010 that nearly 1 in 5 people in the US had a disability – but many of us feel so alone. This is a space for people with disabilities, chronic illness or other health issues to gather and discuss our experiences with kink in a laid-back and welcoming environment. Join us for a roundtable discussion to share stories and exchange thoughts on how to better meet our desires while accommodating our needs. Bring questions, experiences, ideas or simply open ears.

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