Dynamic Self Suspensions

The physical thrill and exertion of not only applying oneself to the task of suspension but the the clear foresight required in bottoming and topping a rope scene requires more than just rope and a plan. In this class, we’ll talk about shifting the vision of rope from one of execution to dynamic, mobile designs that allow for maximum flexibility and movement with the least amount of energy. (HANDS ON)

Conduit Social Hour

conduitConduit Enterprises is an organization that produces fetish & play events for the New Jersey kink community. CondEnt is very proud to be sponsoring GKE 2015’s outdoor dungeon, and we’d like to kick off its opening on Friday with a meet ’n’ mingle gathering. Join the Conduit staff and community on the courtyard patio from 7-8:30pm for the Conduit Social Hour! Light refreshments will be served. Dungeon opens for play at 8pm. Enter our raffle for 4 free passes to Assembly, our monthly party in North Jersey!

Bigger! Better! Ballpit!

ballpitWhen we first came out with the idea of the balpit, everyone said, “Oh, that’s nice, you’re doing something for littles”. We said, “No, we’re doing something for everybody.” They said, “Only littles will go into the ballpit. But it’s a neat idea.”

Until, of course, we got to the event, and then they were all like “OH MY GOODNESS IT’S A BALLPIT! GANGWAY, I’M GOING IN”

This year the ballpit is back. It bigger, and better than ever! Find it in the Courtyard!

Bounce Castle!

bouncehouseWe were the first kink event with a ballpit, BUT we were ALSO the first kink event (as far as I know) which had a bounce castle!

After high demand, the Bounce Castle IS A GO! It will be appearing Saturday and Sunday (not Friday) – and it’s brought to you by the folks of Pete Chris Amusements!

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