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Cigars on the Porch will be hosting a Cigar Social this year at GKE, come join us for a delightful evening smoke, we will have the fire pit going, and some Turkish Coffee or bring a drink of your choice and come to hang with other lovers of the leaf in the courtyard. Come as you are, stay as you wish, you may bring your own smokes, or can trade smokes or for a small donation, and enjoy one of ours.


Stoopzkitty has been causing mayhem across the region for over 3 years. Make them laugh, make them weep, always be full of surprises is her motto. She is indeed a real Aqua Zumba instructor, and believes in both fitness and laughter.

Aqua Zumba
Come, get some fun exercise and watch me bounce my booty for you in a safe environment. All levels welcome, and don’t worry, nobody will be making a bigger fool of themselves than me! Silly kitty!


A shy and happy introvert, Emma has been active in the kink community scene for three years but a Spanko all of her life. She lives in Delaware with her three loud dogs and two crazy cats.

Sparkdog is a lifelong spanko and equal opportunity sadist. He is a Pro-Dom in the kink world and a comedian in the vanilla one.

Spanko Meetup
Do you love spanking? There are many levels of spanking enthusiasm ranging from the novice to the die-hard Spanko. Wherever your interest lies, we would like to invite all to mix and mingle, set up play dates, and just generally hang out with other lovers of spankings.


Dubious is a rigger and rope educator from the NY area.

Somerville Variations and Applications (Beginner)
The starting point for many elements of rope bondage is the basic one column tie, but which basic one column should we use? Popularized by the rigger Topologist in Somerville Massachusetts in 2009, the Somerville Bowline is a secure and attractive choice. We will discuss advantages over the other competitors and go through several different methods of tying the somerville. We’ll also teach the Slipped Somerville, Reverse Somerville, and Two-Column Somerville and talk about the uses for each. Participants should bring one rope of anywhere between six to ten meters in length.

Woven Harnesses (Beginner)
Want to restrain people but don’t like knots? No problem! Here we discuss harnesses that require little to no knots or frictions at all. We begin with a simple hip harness called the woven gunslinger, then use the variations of the same technique to tie both a more involved hip harness and an ankle tie. Participants should bring two eight to ten meter ropes.


PhotoDragon is a musician, kinkster, and educator.

Aural stimulation / Geeky Kinky Music Jam
Can sounds set you off? PhotoDragon will lead a discussion about sounds and their effects and how they can be integrated into kink play. Following the discussion, he will lead the group in an open music jam, participants are encouraged to bring their own instruments. Guitars, drums, flutes, violins, bagpipes, whatever you have, whatever you play, join in the jam. Class is open to active participants and to those who just want to listen and enjoy the talents of your fellow GKE attendees.

Pleasant Nightmare Burlesque

Pleasant Nightmare Entertainment, spearheaded by veteran convention attendee and costume-maker Ivy Leaves, is a group of magnificently mischievous nerdfolk that joined forces to create one of the greatest live programming troupes on the East Coast convention circuit!

They began as an educational, body-positive burlesque variety show troupe, but have since expanded their artillery and provide panels, workshops, gameshows and more! Whether your tastes are debaucherous and deviant, low key or somewhere in between, we have something to tickle your fancy.

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Pleasant Nightmare Burlesque Show
Pleasant Nightmare Entertainment presents their namesake variety show. Some of the acts that may be shown include comedy and slapstick, musical numbers, striptease (down to thongs/merkins & pasties), circus sideshow, Umfundalai (African) dance, tap dance, ballet, drag and gender impersonation, lip sync, and more!

Make & Take Crafts With Pleasant Nightmare Entertainment: Cage Bra
“In this pay-to play, hands-on workshop, Ivy Leaves will walk everybody through how to make your very own customized cage bra! Step by step instructions and individual assistance will be provided to each person. At the end of the workshop, everybody will get to keep (and hopefully model!) their sexy new garment!

There is a $10 per person materials cost that can be paid via cash at the class. Please click here to reserve your spot for this class. ”

Geekyrotic: Toys For the Naughty Nerd
OMG, is that a Pikachu tail-plug next to a Predator-mouth Fleshlight?! As we know, Geek is the new Chic and we are in an era where novelty means everything, and when our Nerd culture permeates the adult toy industry, let’s just say that a plethora of delectable depravity comes out of it! Join Ivy Leaves as she tells you how to choose body-safe toys, avoid the ones linked with severe health issues, and learn about some amazingly nerdy toys you didn’t even know you needed!

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