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Adding Adult/BDSM/Kink Threads To Your Role-Playing Campaign

Many times a good role-play campaign fades to black, or develops “three stars across the page” syndrome whenever it turns to sex, much less actual kink interactions. This class talks about negotiations, seeds, and how to allow for explorations of such, within the role-play world, without causing your campaign to go completely off the rails. Remember, one character’s kink, might be another’s history. Those half-elf/half-orcs weren’t magically delivered by the stork . . . or were they? How does a pervy hobbit fancier actually go about fulfilling their desires? Are Vampire/Human sex scenes the equivalent of Human/Sheep sex scenes? Are you allowed to get excited when torturing the necessary information out of the Opposition, or them torturing you for the same? Let’s explore these questions and more.

  • Level: Strong Roleplayers (not hack-n-slash)
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Adventures in Sex/Tech!

DRKITWhen electronics and silicone meet, great things happen! Join Kit “where did this b!tch get [their] doctorate” Stubbs for a look at technological empowerment for sexuality and pleasure featuring their award-winning, light-up dildo. The Hammer. We’ll cover recent developments in sex/tech including crowdfunded sex toys, a patent troll, 3D printing, and silicone, with plenty of resources for folks new to sex-positive DIY.

Kit Stubbs, Ph.D. is a non-binary/queer/pansexual roboticist, maker, and entrepreneur who’s more interested in people than in technology. Kit earned their PhD in robotics from Carnegie Mellon University in 2008 and later launched the Effing Foundation for Sex-Positivity (, a nonprofit whose mission is to reduce sexual shame by fostering sex-positive artists and educators. They blog about technological empowerment for sexuality and pleasure, including their experiences and creations, at Kit also organizes teasecraft-boston, a meetup group for sex/kink-positive crafters (

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Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities with GKE

Advertising and Sponsorship is a great way to build your business.

You do not have to be a vendor at GKE Classic to advertise or sponsor! You can reach our attendees even if you can’t be at the event!

Through our sponsorship program, you can leverage the popularity of our events to promote yourself through program book ads, web ads, and even social media.

An overview of advertising and sponsorship can be found here!.  Please use the Order Form to place your advertising and sponsorship order.

Order Now!

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Agreeable Agony

agreeableagony2015Toys for pleasure, and toys for pain… Agreeable Agony is a collective of crafters/artisans and kinksters from the east coast who make beautiful handmade floggers, unique impact toys, candles, claws, pretty colored hemp and MFP bondage rope, and have a passion for sex education! Come check us out, we have demo bottoms and demo tops available for the curious!

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Anansi’s Web

murphyblueAn epic tale is just many smaller stories woven together into something larger than the sum of it’s parts. Team Blue will, through word, rope, and music, weave such a tale. Come, sit at our circle and watch such a story unfold.

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anarchy4allAnarchy4All offers a large and changing product line to meet your kink needs. Products range from mild to wild, offering quality products at affordable prices for whatever your fun requires. Currently, products include a wide array of paddles and knives, along with a new line of leather floggers and whips; medical play, sensation play, and sex toys too. We even have some geeky toys ranging from Hello Kitty fleece floggers to Superhero canes, along with cane bags!! There’s something for everyone, from sensual to sadistic…mostly sadistic!

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Anticipatory Service

Define and come to a better understanding of the difference between short-term and long-termobedience based service and how these differ from anticipatory service.

Whether you’re into receiving service, giving service, or both, this class will review how to negotiate this type of service, cues that will help you implement it, and help you think of ways to “surprise” your partner with excellent service.

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Applied Humiliation: The Science of Practical Emotional Sadism

Already have a general idea of what humiliation is? Want to learn different ways to apply it in scene? Need some new or unique ideas to add to your humiliation play?

This is a Humiliation 2.0 class that will touch on some of the applied science behind emotional sadism. We’ll go over linguistic applications of humiliation as well as physical humiliation and how the two can tie together.

We’ll attempt to answer questions like, “How do I negotiate this stuff?”, “How mean can someone really be?”, and a favorite, “Do I really have to do this?”.

The class will be half lecture-based and half-discussion based with the chance for interactive activities and demos.

Note: this is a more advanced humiliation class so prior knowledge in the area is recommended.

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The Art of Old Medicine

xavierdomFire Cupping is an advanced fire technique, while not difficult to do, it does require some practice. We will look at the equipment needed and we will talk about the placement of cups, the moving of them and the overall aesthetic to be achieved. Mostly we will see how it can be fun and enjoyable for both parties involved.

XavierDOM is a Dom and Sadist from Philadelphia. Friendly and approachable he actively encourages questions before and after demos. As a member of the community for over 15 years, and brings years of experience to any class or demonstration. While most remembered for his knowledge and classes on the Violet Wand, he continues to grow and evolve learning new styles of play. Also offering classes in Fire and Fire Cupping, as well as Wax Play, and Impact. He continues to bring his knowledge to those with interest.

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Asexuality and Aromantic Spectrums 101

Come explore various kinds of attraction including sexual, romantic and platonic. We will debunk common myths and learn about identities on the asexual and aromantic spectrum. We will also discuss some different ways of looking at relationships and learn some (possibly new) language for describing such things. The intersections with kink and poly will be touched on.

Akabi is a kinky queer geek. They have been called “an encyclopedia of all things queer and poly.” When not thinking about, reading about and discussing such things, they enjoy playing with circus toys, fire spinning, writing poetry, engaging in general geekery (especially superheroes) and weirdness.

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Asexuals in BDSM


What is an asexual? What leads someone to identify as asexual? How can an asexual be involved in BDSM? Do you also procreate asexually (spoiler: no)?

All these questions and more will be discussed in this panel, along with issues in the asexual community, the difference between sexual attraction and libido, and the different ways people approach BDSM and play.

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Ask BDSM Lois!

Ever want to go one and one with “Lois Griffin?” Ask her anything, give her a reading – she’ll entertain you with stories, jokes, and more!

MrsWhitehouse cosplays BDSM Lois Griffin….you can also see her at the Infodesk/Merch/ConCardia table!

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Aural stimulation / Geeky Kinky Music Jam

Can sounds set you off? PhotoDragon will lead a discussion about sounds and their effects and how they can be integrated into kink play. Following the discussion, he will lead the group in an open music jam, participants are encouraged to bring their own instruments. Guitars, drums, flutes, violins, bagpipes, whatever you have, whatever you play, join in the jam. Class is open to active participants and to those who just want to listen and enjoy the talents of your fellow GKE attendees.

PhotoDragon is a musician, kinkster, and educator

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BDSM Social Etiquette

New to BDSM, its culture, its events? Confused by social cues, customs, and unspoken rules? Come join us for a workshop on how to mix, mingle, and socialize without faux pas and (unnecessary) pain.

– Information Privacy
– Caution & Healthy Paranoia
– On-line & Off
– Starting with Respect
– Communication vs TMI (too much info)
– Permission & Consent

Sir Vice is an active member of the BDSM community with 15 years’ experience and manages Limits Unleashed LLC – a personal coaching service oriented for those in alternative lifestyles. He conducts research and mentors others across various aspects of the BDSM lifestyle culture. Specific expertise includes Power Exchange and related relationship dynamics (D/s & M/s), general BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadomasochism) activities, and general subject matter expertise in communication, relationships, and sexual & general behavioral psychology. He also has over 10yrs experience in the Chinese martial arts and meditation practices and instruction. He has enjoyed presenting at NELA’s Winter Fetish Flea Market, TESfest, GKE, MAsT, NEEHU as well as presentations for numerous other groups.

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BDSM vs Abuse

This class aims to help define where the line between BDSM and Abuse lies, what types of abuse exist and behaviors to be on alert for, and how to get help if you or someone you know is in an abusive situation.

img_8844NJTherapist has her MSW and is a NJ licensed social worker. She currently works as a psychotherapist and has been a member of the NJ kink community for 7 years.

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Between Spark and Smoke

gke_2016-nameddomBetween Spark and Smoke: A guide to playing with fire
Who wasn’t a little bit of a pyro growing up? Does the thought on an open flame thrill you? Scare you? Intrigue you? Perfect! Come learn the art and skill of fire play. The tools you’ll want for fun and the equipment you’ll need for safety. We’ll discuss multiple techniques targeted for your most curious vanilla down to the most extreme sadist. Perfect for tops and bottoms. Consenting participants will have the opportunity to find out what a live flame feels like and will witness some more advanced techniques. Please note that anyone wishing to experience this sensation should keep their forearms clean from perfumes, lotions, sunscreen, and so on.

NamedDom is a lifetime pyro who has been playing with fire in the New York City scene for over 5 years and teaching others for much of that time. He stresses safety and responsibility while enabling a thrilling experience for both the top and bottom. He’s been co-producing Powder Room with the man himself since its inception and has done promo work for other parties. When not on fire he indulges in other forms of thrill-seeking including his favorite, muscle cars.

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Between the Covers: an Erotic reading

Between the Covers Comes to Geeky Kink with readings from Cecilia Tan, DL King, and Laura Antoniou.

Between the Covers is hosted by Riverdale Avenue Books, the only publisher to have a monthly erotica reading series in New York City. This FREE monthly erotica reading series is held the first Friday of the month at People Lounge, 163 Allen Street, and the second Monday of the Month at An Beal Bocht Cafe in the Bronx from 7-9 pm. We aways feature a FREE dirty word raffle for a chance to win signed copies of books by the reading authors, as well as prizes from our sponsors such as a corset from (a $150 value), lube from, and

For more info, please visit

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Bigger! Better! Ballpit!

ballpitWhen we first came out with the idea of the balpit, everyone said, “Oh, that’s nice, you’re doing something for littles”. We said, “No, we’re doing something for everybody.” They said, “Only littles will go into the ballpit. But it’s a neat idea.”

Until, of course, we got to the event, and then they were all like “OH MY GOODNESS IT’S A BALLPIT! GANGWAY, I’M GOING IN”

This year the ballpit is back. It bigger, and better than ever! Find it in the Courtyard!

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Blind Book Exchange

blind-date-with-a-book-1024x768Bring your gently used books to the blind book exchange. Wrap each book in brown paper, label it with genre, age bracket, and a general description of the plot. Pick up a mysterious new book to enjoy. Erotica encouraged!

Moderated by Kalita. Kalita is a Weapons Grade Boner Fairy, it says so on the internet so it must be true! You may remember her as that crazy redhead from the first GKE:NE who hosted a glory hole in a Tardis. This year she’s walking on the mild side and hosting a book exchange, stop by, say “hi,” and get some books.

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Body Mural Magic

Make your mark on GKE – literally! Join us in making a mural of all the beautiful people of GKE with your booty, hands, boobs, feet, whatever! Come by with your favorite work of art and leave a piece of yourself on a canvas for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

BookishBunny is an advocate for bringing people together through games, discussion, and easy events. She has years of experience bringing groups together, promoting creativity and asking all the weird questions. She is a fan of meeting new people and creating new friendships between strangers in a safe, fun environment.

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Bootblack Stand

BootblackPrideFlagHello! We are the Geeky Kink Event Bootblacks. If you’re not familiar with the term, that’s ok! There aren’t always many of us around, but we’re trying to fix that. Most of what we do may look like simply shining boots or other leather gear, but in our hearts we are preservationists, and our skill-sets typically go far beyond simply making leather (and other similar items) look the best they can. We believe that the gear we use, carry, and wear carries with it our stories, both kinky and otherwise – and that those stories and history are worth preserving. By serving the leather, we serve our community. And we’re absolutely thrilled to be doing just that at this year’s GKE! So please don’t hesitate to stop by and see us – even if it’s just to say hi or watch for awhile. :)Typically, bootblacks work for tips and donations – they help to cover things like the supplies we use in the practice of our craft, travel expenses, food, and drinks (hey, bootblacks like to party!) Half of our total tips for the weekend will be donated on behalf of the staff and attendees to Lambda Legal, the oldest and largest national legal organization dedicated to securing equal civil rights for the LGBT community as well as those living with HIV/AIDS. Last year we were able to raise $775 for Lambda, and with your help, we hope to do even better for this totally awesome and deserving organization!

Thanks very much!

Kingpin, Indey, Boy Poetic Desires & Tallshooter – the bootblacks.

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Bounce Castle!

bouncehouseWe were the first kink event with a ballpit, BUT we were ALSO the first kink event (as far as I know) which had a bounce castle!

After high demand, the Bounce Castle IS A GO! It will be appearing Saturday and Sunday (not Friday) – and it’s brought to you by the folks of Pete Chris Amusements!

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Breaking Silence, Building Connection

safewords2015Addressing Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence in Kink Communities

Sexual abuse and intimate partner violence are epidemics that cut across all gender, racial, economic, and cultural lines. As the kink world consists of people, it stands to reason that these issues are in our backyard as well.

For kinksters, abuse is a particularly thorny subject, as there are empowering and healthy dynamics that seem abusive to the outside observer.

In this class, we will drill down to the fundamentals of human connection as they relate to kink and power exchange relationships. We will challenge the common narratives and turn preconceived notions about abuse inside out. We will also will explore how abuse can manifest, how communities and individuals can respond to abuse, and how to promote a culture of transparency and healing. Participants will leave empowered to be ambassadors of dialogue and change within their communities.

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Burninating the Peasants: Fire Play 101

A hands-on demonstration, showing how to set fire to the ones you love. Much discussion of safety. Much more pretty, pretty flames. Will include demonstrations of fire wands, flash cotton, firecupping, and, if things go drastically wrong, fire extinguishers. (Hint: Things will not go drastically wrong.)

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CJ Lookcraft

cj lookcraftAt CJ Lookcraft we custom blend cosmetics for everyday wear and for fantasy/theatrical events. We specialize in products suited for every skin type. Your look is custom crafted as you dictate.

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ConCardia Tournament

concardiaConCardia is a collectible card game in the truest sense of the phrase.

Rather than buying packs, players get cards by exploring the convention. They sign up at the ConCardia table for free and are given a series of tasks and quests to get cards. The very first quest they must complete before they can pursue any others is that of visiting every single sponsoring vendor to get the card that they hold.

ConCardia Tournament
Glory, Fame, Wealth Beyond Imagination. These are probably not things you will find at the ConCardia Tournament, but you can win fabulous prizes from our vendors and have fun playing against other ConCardia players.

Hosted by Fireheart. Fireheart (Michael) has worked in the fields of sales and marketing for almost two decades, but sales and marketing is really just understanding what people want and finding ways to align their wants to your wants.

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Conduit Social Hour

conduitConduit Enterprises is an organization that produces fetish & play events for the New Jersey kink community. CondEnt is very proud to be sponsoring GKE 2015’s outdoor dungeon, and we’d like to kick off its opening on Friday with a meet ’n’ mingle gathering. Join the Conduit staff and community on the courtyard patio from 7-8:30pm for the Conduit Social Hour! Light refreshments will be served. Dungeon opens for play at 8pm. Enter our raffle for 4 free passes to Assembly, our monthly party in North Jersey!

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Consensual Manipulative and Coercive Ageplay

If you’re a Mommy or Daddy who has a desire to coerce your little into doing something naughty, or you’re a little that likes to manipulate your Big into giving you what you want, this class will engage you in thinking about the different ways that both tops and bottoms can use coercion and manipulation in ageplay.

The class will emphasize the risks that come with this type of play and will explore different types of control that can be used when one plays with age. Everyone welcome whether you’re a little, a Big, or both!

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Consent Based Flirting

Consent Based Flirting: The Pick-Up Play Edition

So, you’re at the dungeon and you meet a cutie. You want to do terrible terrible things with them. What happens next? How can you practice good consent and still end up having a chance to “spin their PokéStop”? Well, Akabi and Miho are here to help. Through a series of discussions and activities, we will practice and explore how to be ethical and still play with strangers. The class will focus on flirting, vetting, scene negotiations, and things to watch out for during the scene.

Darth “I’m not a Dom” Miho enjoys consensually doing evil things to pretty people. While not wielding an arsenal of pain, Miho is a poly sci nerd of a most wonkish caliber with a passion for both the social and business sides of the video game industry. When not digging around their twitter for news they consider themselves something of a perfectionist about their impact technique and a remarkable dork about History of various periods and regions.

Akabi is a kinky queer geek. They have been called “an encyclopedia of all things queer and poly.” When not thinking about, reading about, and discussing such things, they enjoy playing with circus toys, fire spinning, writing poetry, engaging in general geekery (especially superheroes) and weirdness.

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Consent Track

When you think about consent, can you describe it? Can you comfortably imagine parts of negotiating a scene beyond the normal starting points of “yes” and “no”? Can you imagine thinking about consent with someone new, somebody who doesn’t know you at all? Can you imagine consent with someone who is a regular play partner—somebody who knows you well enough to have a bunch of assumptions about what you want, based on what you usually want, but might not want this time? Can you imagine how you would ask if you may touch the shoulder of someone you know, but do not have permission to touch? Can you imagine how you would ask for a hug, without making the other person feel pressured to give it? Whether you are shouting yes or biting your lip, this year’s Consent Track is sure to interest and engage you!

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Consent: Hands on Learning

Kinesthetic (or tactile) learning is a learning style in which students learn by physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations. Together we will explore how we engage in actively exploring consent with partner activities. Touch activities are designed to strengthen our awareness of how we react in novel situations by practicing active communicate of our consent. Partners welcome but not required.

img_8845Katalyste is polyamorous and has been responsible for the founding and continued growth of two polyamorous communities in Memphis, TN and Norfolk, VA. She has taught many workshops on Non-Violent Communication over the last three years and is deeply passionate about giving kinky and poly people the tools they need to communicate with an authentic, clear, and kind voice.

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Cucina Aurora

2015cucinaKitchen Witches believe in home, family, and the nurturing of those things above all. Home is our sacred place and the kitchen becomes our sanctuary.
Cucina Aurora offers infused olive oils, dip mixes, cookie mixes for you to enjoy plus various kitchenware items to help make every meal truly magical!

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Current Pleasures

current_GKE_2016Where Electric becomes Erotic~ All the equipment, supplies, and information you need to spark your pleasure towards achieving true Hands-Free Orgasms! Power units, accessories, wires, adapters, parts and more. We can make anything you already have work with anything new you want to try and show you how.

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D.A.R.K: Discord and Rhyme Karaoke

Raith-TopHat2015Do you like singing? If you do, you’ll want to get your karaoke on at Raith Kell’s new show. With “Discord and Rhyme Karaoke,” Raith is ready to give you your musical fix at GKE. Sing your favorite songs and show off your vocal-fu. Come out to encourage your friends and have a good time. This is karaoke at its finest. With a huge variety of songs to sing, wireless mics, and a clear, quality sound system, this is the show you don’t want to miss. Want to see what songs are available? You can check them all out on the D.A.R.K. website.

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Our most adorable programming will be back at the GKE this year for more fun with Littles and Middles There will be blanket forts, arts and crafts, cool science (SCIENCE!), fun and games, and – of course – storytime!

The daycare monitor at GKE this year is Lilybear!

7:30pm – 9:00pm: Open Daycare
9;00pm – 10:00pm: Science for Littles: Bubbling Witches Brew
10:00pm – 11:30pm: Slumber Story Time

1:00pm – 2:00pm: Sunflower Sculptures
3:00pm – 4:00pm: Gumdrop Towers & Games
4:30pm – 6:00pm: My Little Pony: LARP w/ Rinoa!
7:30pm – 8:00pm: Open Daycare
8:00pm – 9:00pm: GKE Spelling Bee
9:30pm – 11:00pm: Spooky Story Time

10:30am – 11:00am: Open Daycare
11:00am – 12:00pm: Leaf Prints
2:00pm – 4:00pm: Science for Littles: Salty Dragon Painting

Hi, I’m Lilybear! I’m a super ferocious little bear, as well as your very friendly Daycare Monitor! If you like stories, games, and arts and crafts, please stop by the Daycare during your GKE experience because we would love to meet you!

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Delicious Boutique

delicious2016We are a retail boutique specializing in clothing and gear appropriate for the fire and flow arts, fetish communities and more. Also, steampunk, festival wear, and apocalyptic inspired clothing & accessories.

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Developers Meetup

Please join us for the second annual GKE Developer Meetup. Do you like computers, programming, and other nerdy stuff? Come meet your fellow kinky tech nerds. Last year we had a very successful meetup with over 30 attendees, and this year will be even better. Several speakers will be in attendance, and there will also be a kinky ice breaker or two. Feel free to join us whether you’re a “developer” or not; all are welcome.

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Discord and Rhyme Karaoke

raith_gke2016D.A.R.Karaoke IS BACK!

Ready to sing?
Feed your karaoke fetish at Raith Kell’s D.A.R.Karaoke show. At ‘The Geeky Kink Event’ you can satiate your karaoke fix with “Discord and Rhyme Karaoke.” Sing your favorite songs, show off your chops, and have fun. Even if you don’t sing, come out to encourage your friends. This is karaoke at its finest. With a huge variety of songs to sing, wireless mics, and a clear, quality sound system, this is the show you don’t want to miss.

Get there early to get in the rotation sooner…but remember, no matter how long it takes or how many singers we have…EVERYONE SINGS AT LEAST ONCE!

Want to see what songs are available? You can check them all out on the D.A.R.K. website.

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DIY: Comic Book Shoes, Cases & More

Do you like comics and fashion? Come and create beautiful, wearable book art for your feet! You must bring your own pair of shoes (plain shoes without embellishment or laces are best). If you don’t want to make shoes you can decorate a cell phone case, laptop case/Nook, or any other flat surface that you can find. All other supplies will be provided. If you have a particular character in mind, bring a comic with that character in it. There will be a small fee to help cover costs. Seating is limited to 20. A $5 fee is required (cash only, collected at the session).

Space is limited, preregistration is recommended (see form below or at this link). Walk-ins will be admitted if open space remains.
This session is currently scheduled for Saturday, November 5 at 4pm, but is subject to change.


Presented by DrKitKat. You may know DrKitKat from her many costume changes during previous GKEs, often going through four or five changes in a day, and frequently with unusual and fun shoes. DrKitKat is also the “Stage Manager” at Kinky Science Theater 3000 performances.

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DIY: Fire Wand Making

In this class, you will learn a few different ways to create your own fire play wands. Mr_Blackwell will be teaching about the materials that work best, techniques for a long lasting fire wand, and teaching a hands-on demonstration for making a basic fire play torch. Every person that participates will walk away with a playable Fire wand and a basic safety sheet on how to use it.

Space is limited, preregistration is recommended. Walk-ins will be admitted if open space remains.

There is a $10 per person materials cost, that can be paid via paypal. Please use the form below (or direct link to form here) to register for this class and receive instructions on paying the materials fee. Seating is limited to 25 people.

Friday, November 4, 8:30-9:30pm

Mr_Blackwell is the mysterious figure that reaches each part of the show before anyone else, and makes sure that it looks magnificent, all of the electronic equipment is setup and working, and ensures that the presenter has everything else that they need. 🙂

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DIY: Make Your Own Flogger

Have you ever looked at a toy & wished you had the skills to create one yourself? Or are you a crafter who has wondered what else you could make with your growing stash of materials? Come to Delirium’s Kinky Crafting class where you will be taught how to make your own flogger out of materials you can buy at any craft store. Whether you are new to crafting or someone who has a knack for fabricating homemade wares – this class is for you! Attendees will be shown how to customize their creation to fit their style of kink.

All supplies will be provided – there will be a $5 fee (cash or PayPal) to cover costs. Seating is limited to 25. Please use the form below (direct link to form here) to register for this class and receive instructions on paying the materials fee. Seating is limited to 25 people.

Saturday, November 5, 12:30-2:00 PM

deliriumPresented by Delirium. Delirium is a pansexual switch with a penchant for polyamory. You may be acquainted with this ambitious Androgyne as the Assistant Programming Director of Jeff Mach Events. Being a vehemently vocal advocate of intersectional feminisim, the ability to work for events that focus on inclusiveness & creating a safe space for all individuals is quite a fulfilling aspect of her life. As a bit of a workaholic with way too many hobbies, Delirium is always keen on sharing skills she specializes in with anyone who wants to learn. You can find her on fetlife as VulpineDelirium.

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dragontailz3Dragontailz is the largest manufacturer of all-leather bdsm toys in the US. We manufacture 60 different toys in at least 12 different kinds of leather and at least 20 different colors. In addition, we have leather and metal jewelry for the ladies.

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Dungeon 101: First time in a dungeon…

Is this your first event? First time in a Play Space? Wondering what each piece of equipment is use for, how to do it safely? Did you read 50 shades of Grey? If you answered yes at all then you are probably feeling overwhelmed. Welcome! In this class we will discuss the equipment that you will often see and how to use it, safely. We will also discuss Safe Space, Aftercare and how to navigate the dungeon without being a non-consenting target. We will also review basic Etiquette.

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Dungeon 101: So You Are New

Is this your first event? First time in a Play Space? Wondering what each piece of equipment is use for, how to do it safely? Did you read 50 shades of Grey? If you answered yes at all then you are probably feeling overwhelmed. Welcome! In this class we will discuss the equipment that you will often see and how to use it, safely. We will also discuss Safe Space, Aftercare and how to navigate the dungeon without being a non-consenting target. We will also review basic Etiquette.

xavierdomXavierDOM is a Dom and Sadist from Philadelphia. Friendly and approachable he actively encourages questions before and after demos. As a member of the community for over 15 years, and brings years of experience to any class or demonstration. While most remembered for his knowledge and classes on the Violet Wand, he continues to grow and evolve learning new styles of play. Also offering classes in Fire and Fire Cupping, as well as Wax Play, and Impact. He continues to bring his knowledge to those with interest.

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Dynamic Self Suspensions

The physical thrill and exertion of not only applying oneself to the task of suspension but the the clear foresight required in bottoming and topping a rope scene requires more than just rope and a plan. In this class, we’ll talk about shifting the vision of rope from one of execution to dynamic, mobile designs that allow for maximum flexibility and movement with the least amount of energy. (HANDS ON)

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Eating Sweets Off Naked Geeks!

GKEClassic-EatingCandy-Edited-1024x604“I have one metric fuckton of candy.” ― Brent Black​

You may’ve heard of eating sushi off a volunteer human table. It’s often in very formal settings, sometimes as part of rather fancy events. And while we love sushi, we also REALLY love candy… (do you see where we’re going with this…?) That’s right! We get to choose what we eat off of other folks and we chose candy again! It was a great hit (pun intended) last year and it’s affordable, fun, and fits the playful nature of our event rather perfectly. And…y’know…WE JUST WANTED AN EXCUSE TO EAT A LOT OF CANDY. Given that we’re adults, we can do just that; come join us!

Saturday 5pm –  7pm. Suggested donation: $10 + Piece of candy  (Pay at the event)

Interested in being a candy platter. or in helping to decorate? Fill out the form!

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Effective Negotiation for BDSM

Do you have difficulty in negotiating a scene or forget what information is important to know before engaging in play? This class aims to improve the manner in which one negotiates the wants and needs you may have for a scene and how to do so more effectively.

img_8844NJTherapist has her MSW and is a NJ licensed social worker. She currently works as a psychotherapist and has been a member of the NJ kink community for 7 years.

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Embracing Your Submissive Heart

This workshop is for everyone who wants to fully embrace and honor their authentic submissive (or bottom) self in its fullest depth and strength and have richer and more fulfilling experiences with their partners.

We will lead you through a series of experiences centered around taking more responsibility for yourself, negotiating for what you want, doing effective self-care, and integrating your complete sexual self. You’ll have the tools and techniques to intensify your scenes and deepen your experiences with both long-time and new partners.

No partner required to attend.

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Experience the Power and Sensuality of Blues Dancing

We will be teaching you some basic blues movements, as well as a few tricks of the trade.

In this class, you will gain an understanding not only of basic blues dance vocabulary, but of how leading and following in dance can relate to power dynamics in a D/s relationship. If you’re extra good, we might take out some rope!

Come alone, or bring a partner.

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Exploring Consent from the Right Side of the Slash

Consent- sometimes it’s easy to negotiate, and sometimes it’s not. When you know you’re going to be negotiating a scene, you can get into the right headspace to state your boundaries and limits and feel comfortable in the negotiations… but what about all the other times consent issues come up?

  • The challenges of online communities
  • A stranger touches you without asking
  • Someone you are friendly with socially assumes more contact than you are comfortable with
  • Someone makes comments or advances towards you that make you uncomfortable

In addition to discussing the challenges of these and other situations, we’ll use exercises to gain practice handling ourselves in them and talk about ways of dealing with the aftermath of consent violations.

soumise brings her lifelong passions for movement, education, and helping people with her into the BDSM lifestyle. A former professional ballet dancer turned world ranked international style ballroom competitor, soumise has spent her 30 year career blending for the artistry of dance with the sciences of biomechanics, anatomy, kinesiology, rehabilitation and exercise. She creates and presents diverse workshops and educational events that engage, inform, and entertain participants of all levels in a variety of subjects across the US and abroad. She has enjoyed presenting at TESfest, GKE, Fetish Flea Market, NEEHU and EPIC. Her time is divided between working with her clients and students, training other instructors and helping her Master, Sir Vice, with His business, Limits Unleashed LLC. With her Master’s encouragement, soumise has been enjoying the integration of her professional interests with her lifestyle training and experiences.

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Exploring Power Exchange

Power dynamics cover a spectrum of options from simple play or scenes to long-term total power exchange (TPE) relationships. This workshop will increase understanding of the presence and use of these dynamics, from speech and body language to more physical and pyscho-emotional means. Exercises to explore D/s and M/s ideas and strategies that can be used in a variety of settings and relationships will be introduced. Partners are welcome but not required.
Key points include: 
• Introduction and definitions
• Understanding of power exchange dynamics
• Mindfulness of position and posture
• Sending a consistent message
• Measuring impact via results
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Fanfiction Writers Meetup

“Does what it says on the tin.” — The Ninth Doctor

Come meet up with other writers to chat about our fandoms, our writing process, intersections of fanfiction and kink, why we read kink into canons, or whatever else strikes our fancy.

Letterblade is a Massachusetts plant, photosynthesizing all her life in the intermittent Massachusetts sun. She also has been writing fanfiction and being kinky all her life, and sometimes putting the two together.

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Fear Play

There is no passion so contagious as that of fear.

Fear is excitement without breath.

How do we approach the art of creating, sculpting, and using the element of fear in our play?

This introduction to fearplay will approach it from angles both physical and psychological.

There will also be hypnosis, though you don’t need to do, or be interested in, hypnosis to enjoy this class.

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Ferrett Steinmetz: Reading & Book Signing

mancerNebula-nominated author (and FetLife K&P regular) Ferrett Steinmetz will be signing (and selling) books from his critically-acclaimed ‘Mancer trilogy – FLEX, THE FLUX, and FIX, described as “The Dresden Files meets Breaking Bad.” He’ll sign literally anything you put in front of him! Or just come and say hi! He gets lonely sometimes.

Ferrett Steinmetz is a noted polyamory writer and author of the books FLEX, THE FLUX, and the finale to the series, FIX. He is everywhere on FetLife as @theferrett, and can be found on Twitter at @ferretthimself.

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Filthy Figments

FilthyFigments_adFilthy Figments is here to showcase what women find sexy, and the wide variety of ways that women enjoy and create porn! We have thousands of pages of erotic comics in our archives, with a huge variety of artistic styles, genres, sexualities, genders, kinks and fetishes.

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Fire Fox Creations

firefoxFire Fox creates handcrafted paracord and leather impact toys. Specializing in floggers, whips, cats and dragon tails. Some items are violet wand compatible or glow in the dark. Soft and sensual to mean and stingy. Fire Fox is accompanied by his partner Bella who creates geek and fandom inspired jewelry and magnets.

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Florentine Flogging

sonyaEver wonder what it takes to dual-wield floggers? It looks like magic, but it isn’t! Whether you’re just starting or honing your 6-point skills, bring two matched or similar floggers for an interactive workshop.

This class is divided into two parts: a 25-minute lecture/demonstration portion, in which the group learns the theory of the technique, and a 1-hour “practice” portion, in which Sonya runs around like a maniac giving everyone the help and correction they need. You may choose to attend some or none of the second portion.

Sonya does NOT recommend bringing a bottom to this class, unless they want to learn to flog, too!

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Foot and Hand Massage Intensive

Love feet? So do we!

This is a foot and hand intensive, partner-massage experience, including principles, techniques, when and where not to massage, expert demonstrations, and lots of hands-on practice.

Learn how to massage some of the hardest working and most erotic parts of the body and do melt-into-the-floor massage in a dynamic, participatory workshop.

Everyone will give and receive massage, with step-by-step instructions and personal coaching.

All of the massage in this workshop can be done fully clothed (okay, you might want to take off your shoes!), seated in a chair.

Come with a partner or find one at the workshop.

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Fun with Binary Code

This workshop is for anyone that adores codes, from a random person to an experienced programmer. We’ll briefly go over the basics of using number systems, such as binary, hex, and octal, and what they are, before delving into how to potentially use these systems to present information to friends and loved ones in code and moving on to potential kink uses for codes.

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FUNctional Rope

A comprehensive starter for those wanting to get into rope or those who are into rope that want some fun and fast ties for interactive rope play. Similar to hojo-jitsu or guerilla tactics, but gentler and more erotic (but I will still show you the painful bits as well). We will also discuss types of rope for this type of play.

Mistress Kayla Crowe is a creative woman with a background in design, sales, and service. A sado-masochist who enjoys trying new things and always expanding beyond the norm of BDSM play; she has been training subs, sissies, and switches for a number of years, in the midwest region. She has been a member of Satyricon and other community groups in the Madison community for over 10 years, an active member of the community for 15 years. She is a NCSF supporter. She presents and demos on non-traditional BDSM toys, Anger Management for Tops, Self-Rejection, CBT rope play and Poly relationships with MadCubsFan (SR) at regional events and private venues.

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Game Room


4pm – 12am Game Room Open – come play games! We have a large library of games to play. (Due to the nature of the show, games are not allowed to leave the game room). Our game room staff would be happy to play games with you!

6pm – Munchkin

8pm – Strip Superfight!

9pm – Cards Against Humanity

10pm – FIASCO Roleplaying Game – Fiasco is a collaborative storytelling RPG with no GM and no pre-written narrative. Each player creates a persona suitable for the setting; dice rolls randomly generate the character relationships, a location, and some items; then the fun begins!
This year we’re going to attempt a mashup of two Fiasco playsets for added weirdness! For more information, visit Bully Pulpit Games. No books or pencils are required, and dice will be provided.

12pm – 12am Game Room Open – come play games! We have a large library of games to play. (Due to the nature of the show, games are not allowed to leave the game room). Our game room staff would be happy to play games with you!

12pm – Learn to Play Unspeakable Words

1pm – Strip Magic tournament. 4 pack sealed, $20 entry fee.

4pm – Strip Cards Against Humanity

5pm Cheapass Games Hour – Come play a variety of fun Cheapass Games games run by some local Demo Monkeys

7pm: Strip Munchkin

9pm: Cards Against Humanity

9pm: D&D Academy LARP (takes place in a private hotel room, but you can get more info in the game room). Come try an easy and fun LARP. More information available from Rinoa in the game room.

12pm – 5pm Game Room Open – come play games! We have a large library of games to play. (Due to the nature of the show, games are not allowed to leave the game room). Our game room staff would be happy to play games with you!

1pm- One Upon a Time in XXXenophile: Take Once Upon a Time, the storytelling game. Add some XXXenophile cards – an adult-themed CCC.

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GeekStar Costuming

geekstar2016GeekStar Costuming has been crafting epic geeky accessories for many years. Specializing in LED glowing cat ears and shiny lasercut jewelry we are experts at bringing geeky, blingy joy to the people.

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Geeky Kinks of Color

This will be a space where we can discuss not only current issues but feelings when it comes to being a kinkster of color. There will be several panelists who will give their own thoughts about a variety of topics. If you have questions, come and ask them. If you feel comfortable just listening, listen with open ears. This is for all the heroes, villains, sidekicks, minions, allies in crime or justice, those unaligned or even a muggle. See you there!

Hosted by Brave_Dance. Brave_Dance is just a fun, loving geeky guy who loves getting people together to talk, laugh and learn new things whether it’s about real issues or other important issues, like ponies.

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Tea, tea-appropriate noms, and a lovely chance to socialize! Featuring some fantastic teas!

  • Gen maicha
  • Puerh
  • Peachy oolong
  • Pai mu tan
  • Key lime rooiboos
And everyone will walk away with at least two full boxes of gift tea. This tea is hosted by Mads, the JME Tea Queen.

Catered event available for $21.00 when you register.

Register now!

*Nudity and/or sexual activity is not allowed in the Restaurant*

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Glow-y Pool Party of Awesomeness

glowsticksinpoolDo you like pools? Do you like parties? Do you like lasers and light up things??? Come to the clothing optional laser pool party!! Always one of the best parties of a GKE weekend, we close the lights, haze the space, and turn on the lasers. Come with your own light up goodies to add to the fun!! There will be music, glow sticks, and beautiful people! Come be one of them!

Please note, no latex is allowed in the pool to keep those with latex allergies safe. This includes light up balloons and body paint!

Also, no bodily fluids in the pool. Sorry, we need to keep it sanitary and safe!

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Going Primal

Get your blood pumping and your heart racing as we explore the intensity of Primal as both play and state of being. Understand why it produces such intensity, how it impacts us physically and emotionally, and techniques to make your engagement more dynamic and enjoyable.
Key points include: 
• Introduction & definitions
 • Evolutionary behaviorism & the primitive mind – the hard wiring with us and our responses
• Social norms and conflicting messages – appreciating the frameworks that influence & impact
• The visceral experience & engagement – focusing on the sensory and sensual
• Timing, pacing, and listening – cues from within us and from others
• Instinct & Improvision – moving fluidly by attuning to instinct & intuition
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Green Carnation 2016 LGBTPQA GKE Meet Up

The best part of waking up… is sharing the experience with a room full of friendly, bleary-eyed queer folks!   Come caffeinate yourself, make new friends, and celebrate all the different ways there are to be queer, kinky geeks!

Hosted by Lupus_grise is an educator and activist. She spends her free time gaming, reading, drinking tea, and planning to take over the world via non-hierarchical, consensus-based decision-making.

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Headscritching Party

I like headscritches. You like headscritches. Come join in the head-scritching wondefulness where we will scritch all of the heads in a giant blob of wonderfulness! Don’t worry, we’ll make sure everybody gets lots of scritches. Have I mentioned headscritches?
Feel free to bring scritching aids, like those metal spider-looking things or banjo picks.

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How Long Are Her Arms, Anyway? Pitfalls, Pratfalls and Perseverance in Erotica.

D L King Bio PicThe first part of the workshop will introduce you to some of the common mistakes to avoid when writing erotica. Have you ever read something and thought, “Fuck, that’s hot. But this person couldn’t write their way out of a paper bag?” Don’t be that person! Make editors and publishers sit up and take notice (or at least find you competent).

Want a conversation with an editor about your work? The second part of the workshop will consist of short, private meetings with the first ten people to send their work to me. I will edit five consecutive pages (double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman) and have a discussion of the edit with you. I can’t guarantee to get you published, but I can give you some tips on improving and making your work as professional as possible.

Directions for submitting work:

Submit your pages as an attachment, with the subject being your first name (scene, pen, real, whatever you don’t mind me calling you) to [email protected] by October 10, 2015. Make sure your submission includes your first name, and save as a .doc, absolutely NOT a .docx. I will read any five consecutive pages.

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How to Write Smutty Sci-fi, Fantasy and Horror

Do you have a naughty fantasy about Star Trek or Dr. Who or even Harry Potter (Yes, I am talking about you, Cecilia Tan!) Well, now is the time to share it with the world by sawing the serial numbers off.  Forget 50 Shades of Grey.  We could all be reading Lord of the Cock Ring.
This is the speculative version of my how to write smut class specifically geared towards these markets.  We will start with how to write and sell short stories, and then go on to how to develop them into novellas, novels and even series.  I will also give out a list of where to look for short story calls, as well as how to put together an erotic anthology.
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Hunt Hangout

The Hunt at GKE:NE went well, but people asked for a hangout to meet other players before game on, and this is it! We’ll go over the rules, open the floor to questions, and then mingle and meet other hunters and prey. If you’re curious about the game, have a partner who is, or just want to know what the heck it is, swing by the hangout!

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The Hunt Hangout

The hunt is a primal hide-and-seek, a kinky ice-breaker, complicated tag for adults, or whatever you see it as! A fun game involving finding other hunters or being found. Come to the Hangout to learn more.

Uriel is just an all around creative type rabbit person who invented the Hunt.

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Hunters and Angels

huntersHunters & Angels is the whimsical illustrative work of Alissa M. Terracciano. She sells prints, originals, stickers, charms, and cards. Alissa also has a passion for writing short stories, creating intricate articulated paper dolls, and drawing erotic art of feminine men with soft colors and delicate details.

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Hypnokink Lounge

art credit: Sangii

art credit: Sangii

Sometimes with these big events it’s hard to find a good, open space to flex your muscles as a hypnotist or subject. Maybe you’ve learned some great things at one or more of GKE’s hypnosis classes and want to see it put into action? If so, come check out the Hypnokink Lounge! Run by D-Artagnan and ZanyM, two very skilled hypnotists out of New York, this lounge acts as a lively and creative space to practice. Meet up with other kypno-kinksters of all skills levels and interests in an open and safe space to talk about your most beloved brainy kinks. All you need to bring is yourself, your brain, and your willingness to play and learn. We hope to see you there!

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Hypnosis and Fear-Play

art credit: Sangii

art credit: Sangii

We’ve all watched the right horror film and had the paranoid notion that the creaking noise coming from downstairs was not “just the pipes” but something much more sinister. Through HypnosIs, we can take advantage of that feeling and have some fun with it. Learn everything from playing with space and atmosphere, to that (occasionally literal) “under your skin” feeling. D-Artagnan and Mailody cover how we can use fear and paranoia in hypnosis, while still avoiding unwanted bad reactions out of our subjects in this class. This presentation will include comprehensive demonstrations and ample time for questions.

While this is an intermediate to advanced level class, beginners are always welcome.

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I’m a Competent ______: Being AFAB in the Scene

A reflective panel featuring those who are AFAB (Assigned Female at Birth) in the scene. Open to everyone, this is a space to hear personal stories about how those who are AFAB are treated when it comes to their skills and specialities in both a kink and non-kink context.

Panel will be followed by discussion and an open Q&A.

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Industrial DisEase Toys LLC

idetoys2015We offer a full range of sensation, impact and violet wand toys, as well as steampunk canes, accessories and clothing. Come check out our sensation paws and infinite twists great for making you the most popular person at any play party. We manufacture our toys for the best possible effect and you have to try it to believe it.


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Intentional Negotiation: Getting What You Want

Want to have more success in your scenes? Negotiation creates the scenes that touch our deepest selves and leave us breathless. We make negotiation easier and give you a new, hot, easy alternative to endless lists. Longtime kinksters and those new to the scene will master simple yet powerful skills to use right away.

Hot & Easy Negotiation will help you get what you most want in your scenes: greater intimacy, pleasure, and more intense experiences for everyone!

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Intro to Floor Suspensions

Get grounded! Floor suspensions are an amazing hybrid, offering the intimacy and connection of floor work with the sensory experience of partial suspension. In addition, floor suspensions are a viable alternative for a variety of body types, when other forms of rope play may not be practical. This interactive class will teach attendees how to:
• Evaluate the safety factors associated with floor suspensions
• Properly rig a hard point and support lines
• Execute a torso and leg lift
• Connect the respective lifts to create a floor suspension.

This is a hands-on class, attendees should wear comfortable clothing since we’ll be tying and getting tied. Bring six to eight pieces of bondage suitable rope such as hemp, jute or MFP. Also bring suspension hardware. Attendees should be capable of tying a suspension worthy Takate Kote, Box Tie, Chest Harness and nonlocking single column cuff.

The Black Pomegranate are collectively Mr.BLK and Ms.Pomegranate, poly, sex geeky, educators, bloggers and rope performers. Our blog was recently named #1 and #2 in two respective categories and recognized for its content. We also teach BDSM play techniques, consent and negotiation. Our credo is “Talking the Taboos”, because we want to lead the discussion that helps people to have better, safer sex. Our poly family, writing, and searching for the best restaurants keeps us busy.

Ms.Pomegranate is a seasoned social media professional and avid mythology writer. Mr.BLK passes the time with comic books and kettlebells.

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Kinkifying Board/Card/Video Games

Do you like to put dirty words in Scrabble? Or been playing Magic: the Gathering and wish you could be spanking your opponent literally and figuratively? Is your problem with Pokemon GO that it’s too vanilla? If you’re a geeky kinkster who’s looking for even more ways to merge their two interests together, this class is for you! I’ll be giving some examples and experiences I’ve had kinkifying games and then open up the floor to brainstorming new and inventive ways to kink things up. No prior gaming experience required. You’ll never look at a pinball machine the same way again.

Shako is a dom from New Hampshire with a lot of geek in their kink. You can usually find them wandering the halls of the GKE, usually wearing their shako. Also, they hit people with a rubber chicken.

P.S. No, they are not a League of Legends character.

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Kinky Candlelighting

A table set for Shabbat with challah bread, candlesticks and wine. Black background, complete view.
Sponsored by Kinky Jews Philadelphia, we once again invite one and all, Jewish, not-Jewish, Jew-ish, curious, bi-curious, tri-curious (whatever that means to you), whomever you are, to come to the lighting of candles to bring in the Sabbath (Shabbat).

There will be wine, challah (yummy bread), candle lighting, and song. Feel free to join us and ask questions or join in or watch and tap your watches and ask when the next event is starting.
All are welcome!

Your friendly neighborhood science guy, Feivel always has hugs to give and probably something to blow up. Join us as always, for science, liquid nitrogen ice cream, and safe cuddle space. Join us in the pool for lasers. Join us Friday night for CandleLighting and Wax-Play. But mostly, just come and be happy. That’s what makes a Feivel purr.

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Kinky Geeks of Color (White Allies and Non Geeky Allies Welcomed)

brave_danceI want to tackle race in America, in the scene, our geeky interests and whatever else we are comfortable talking about. We’re not going to answer all the questions in the world but starting a dialogue with each other and reminding people its okay to discuss race is so necessary. It’s present, so we shouldn’t ignore it. White/Non People of Color (POC) as well as not as geeky allies are welcomed to join. I hope we laugh, get upset and continue this dialogue outside of the event.

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Kinky Science Theater 3000

kst3kDo you love RiffTrax? Or Cinematic Titanic? Well, we couldn’t get those guys. But we could afford an off-brand MST3K knock-off: Kinky Science Theater 3000.

Returning to GKE Classic after being exclusive to GKE:NE for the last few years, come watch the brain-melting insanity of an embarrassing bit of soft-core sci-fi as it gets riffed by a human, two make-believe aliens, and a couple of saucy robot puppets.

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Kinky Science Theater 3000

gke_kst3k_2016Do you love RiffTrax? Or Cinematic Titanic? Well, we couldn’t get those guys. But we could afford an off-brand MST3K knock-off: Kinky Science Theater 3000. Come watch the brain-melting insanity of an embarrassing bit of soft-core sci-fi as it gets riffed by a human, two make-believe aliens, and a couple of saucy robot puppets.

MrStriker is a geek who’s worked in the space program, designed underwater habitats, professionally made video games, and been accused of covering up alien contact. He’s delivered Miracle Fruit tasting to the late night crowd at GKE #1, and performed Kinky Science Theater 3000 at multiple GKE Classics and GKE NEs.

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Kinky Spirits

kinkyspiritsKinky Spirits is a full-service adult retailer, who carries everything from the simplest of vibrators to the most extreme in fetish and kink. Can’t find something that is right for you? Feel free to give us a call so that we may assist you in your buying process. We are constantly adding new additions to our website and hope to hear from you if you have any suggestions or know of something you want but don’t see that we carry it. Keep in mind certain items are special order only and will take extra time to arrive. Kinky Spirits prides itself in doing what is best for the customer.

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A Kinky Wind Blows

A Kinky Wind Blows is based on the icebreaker activity “A Cold Wind Blows”.

While it bears a resemblance to musical chairs there are no winners or losers in this game. This activity is the perfect way to meet and get to know fellow kinksters; especially if this is your first time at GKE! Everyone is welcome to come on down and have a good time as this event is carefully balanced so that everyone can participate no matter what your comfort level.

Alex (BigMeatyClaws) is a professional Web Developer who sometimes likes to write about things. A lover of technology, video games, film, and TV he has inoculated himself with pop culture. Also an avid internet user and meme looker-atter.

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Lil Kink Boutique

lilkinkWe offer unique and hard-to-find accessories to promote pride and awareness for lifestylers. Although we cater to littles and ABs with hand-crafted items, we carry a wide assortment of lifestyle-based accessories to complement any attire, gender, or role.

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