Alex is a professional Web Developer who sometimes likes to write about things. A lover of technology, video games, film, and TV he has inoculated himself with pop culture. Also an avid internet user and meme looker-atter.

A Kinky Wind Blows
A Kinky Wind Blows is based on the icebreaker activity “A Cold Wind Blows”.

Steven Universe meet-up
“Steven Universe is a wonderful cartoon about love, acceptance and hot dogs. The show features the subversion of tropes as well as an amazing representation of LGBT values. Let’s get together and discuss the show; we’ll talk about our favorite episodes, characters, and moments. Come in cosplay, or your favorite t-shirt; come if you’ve never seen the show before and you’ll find out why you should! Let’s talk about Steven Universe, YOU CLODS!

The meet up is structured in segments so if you do not want to be spoiled please come early!”

Discord meet-up
“Are you a member of the GKE discord server? Do you like video games? Are you a huge giant nerd? Come on over and meet some cool people! Even if you aren’t a huge video game fan you will totally have fun. Let’s have some fun, talk about games, and maybe even play a few.

My meetups are always structured so that everyone will enjoy, please don’t be afraid to come on over!”

Adventure Zone meet-up
“The Adventure Zone started out as a podcast about three brothers (and their dad) playing Dungeons and Dragons; but it has evolved to so much more than that. The McElroys have taken the podcast medium and brought it to a whole new level. If you are a fan of podcasts, dungeons and dragons, or super great stories then you belong at this meet up!

The meet up will be structured in segments so if you do not want to be spoiled please come early!”

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