gke_2016-nameddomBetween Spark and Smoke: A guide to playing with fire
Who wasn’t a little bit of a pyro growing up? Does the thought on an open flame thrill you? Scare you? Intrigue you? Perfect! Come learn the art and skill of fire play. The tools you’ll want for fun and the equipment you’ll need for safety. We’ll discuss multiple techniques targeted for your most curious vanilla down to the most extreme sadist. Perfect for tops and bottoms. Consenting participants will have the opportunity to find out what a live flame feels like and will witness some more advanced techniques. Please note that anyone wishing to experience this sensation should keep their forearms clean from perfumes, lotions, sunscreen, and so on.

NamedDom is a lifetime pyro who has been playing with fire in the New York City scene for over 5 years and teaching others for much of that time. He stresses safety and responsibility while enabling a thrilling experience for both the top and bottom. He’s been co-producing Powder Room with the man himself since its inception and has done promo work for other parties. When not on fire he indulges in other forms of thrill-seeking including his favorite, muscle cars.

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