During BDSLR’s two year rope journey, his bondage style has grown into what he calls “”Baltimore-style rope:”” intense, mean, and technically proficient. He views himself as a sponge, and prefers tying sadistically. He aims to evoke intense emotion from his bottoms, but values the intimacy of tying, and most enjoys the connection it creates between people.

While official presenting is still a newer frontier, he has been teaching his own ties to many in Baltimore and other local rope circles. He prefers a “”show and tell”” method, where he performs the tie once at full speed, and then goes through it a second time step by step, including the safety requirements. He’ll then explain the how and the why of the tie, supported by scene anecdotes of how he’s used it, how things have went wrong, how he fixed them and now prevents issues to use the tie successfully.

Face, Fingers, Feet, and Toes…That’s Where All the Torture Rope Goes!
BDSLR will walk participants step by step through four specific torture ties: a face mask tie, a microbondage fingers tie, a microbondage toe tie, and a futo based on a really sucky foot cuff. These are all fairly strenuous ties, but ones that can easily be tailored to the bottom’s endurance and pain tolerance. He will demo each tie, and then participants will get a chance to torture their bottoms or themselves with them. He will continue the class by showing how the ties can be used in a partial predicament scene. And just as a fun bonus, BDSLR will show his in-line hair tie; it really doesn’t slip!

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