Many times a good role-play campaign fades to black, or develops “three stars across the page” syndrome whenever it turns to sex, much less actual kink interactions. This class talks about negotiations, seeds, and how to allow for explorations of such, within the role-play world, without causing your campaign to go completely off the rails. Remember, one character’s kink, might be another’s history. Those half-elf/half-orcs weren’t magically delivered by the stork . . . or were they? How does a pervy hobbit fancier actually go about fulfilling their desires? Are Vampire/Human sex scenes the equivalent of Human/Sheep sex scenes? Are you allowed to get excited when torturing the necessary information out of the Opposition, or them torturing you for the same? Let’s explore these questions and more.

  • Level: Strong Roleplayers (not hack-n-slash)

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