About GKE

As the world’s first full-scale, weekend-long event for geeky, nerdy, and otherwise brainy kinky people, our goal is to show you a ridiculously insanely good time.

We will shamelessly use every means at our disposal to help you have a fun, interesting, informative, thrilling, fascinating weekend, even if it means we have to read fanfiction.

Because that’s how much we love you.

Experience the delectations of learning cool, new things, sharing your knowledge and skills, and otherwise stimulating and delighting your brain! Check out our workshops and panels, including a dedicated consent track.

Enjoy a splendid variety of gatherings, hangouts, celebrations, festivities, and general merrymaking geared toward deeply satisfying the primatological urge to be social…oh, and make new friends, have great conversations, and find new partners, colleagues, and chums. Check out our social events and hangouts.

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