Event Dates: November 4-6, 2016

The Radisson of Piscataway
21 Kingsbridge Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854

We’re a bunch of terribly kinky and very, very geeky people who put on events for a living.

The Geeky Kink Event is a three-day kink event in New Jersey featuring a full dungeon, classes and workshops, vendors, and plenty of social activities. Come meet other geeky kinks! Find us on Fetlife (NSWF).

Registration closes on October 21, 2016 extended until 11:59PM on Sunday, October 30 (additional $10 late fee).
There are no sales at the event.



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  • Registration extended until October 30

    membershipsRegistration extended until 11:59PM on Sunday, October 30.

    We’ve gotten a fair number of people asking if they can possibly register after the Friday deadline for one very good reason or another. While we don’t like doing this, also for a variety of reasons, we recognize life sometimes gets in the way and people need a bit more time. So what can we do to help you out?

    Well, we’ve talked to the folks at Coil Registration about possibly pushing the closing date back. Even though they have another event on the same weekend, in another part of the country, that part of the company needs to be at, they’ve agreed to extend until 11:59pm on Sunday, October 30, 2016. BUT – because of the very serious time crunch that puts Coil in, there will be an additional $10 fee, in addition to the regular fees, added to all registrations completed after the original deadline (Oct 21). They also will not be able to do ANY registrations after the extension deadline – there simply isn’t time to get ready for the event if they do.

    Hopefully this will help out the people who need it (and a few others who technically don’t, but will appreciate it anyway) and make GKE even better.

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  • Meet and Beat Dinner: The Kinky & Geeky Burlesque Edition.

    CandyOffNakedPeopleJoin us at the Meet and Beat Dinner: The Kinky & Geeky Burlesque Edition.

    There will be an opportunity to meet your fellow GKE attendees, discuss how to negotiate for scenes, demo toys and their use, enjoy a great meal and for a finale, a burlesque show featuring a collection of talented performers celebrating kink and fandom! Entertainment starring: Vonka, Lily Stitches, Luna Chase, Attica Wilde, Lea Hart, Mórrígan DeDanann, Masokiss, and more…

    Hosted and Produced by Mr. Khon – www.njburlesquefestival.com

    $42 Get your tickets here!


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  • Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities with GKE

    Advertising and Sponsorship is a great way to build your business.

    You do not have to be a vendor at GKE Classic to advertise or sponsor! You can reach our attendees even if you can’t be at the event!

    Through our sponsorship program, you can leverage the popularity of our events to promote yourself through program book ads, web ads, and even social media.

    An overview of advertising and sponsorship can be found here!.  Please use the Order Form to place your advertising and sponsorship order.

    Order Now!

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  • Every kink event needs a giant rubber….duck

    rubberduckComing To The Geeky Kink Events: Quacken the Megaduck, courtesy of attendee and all-round good egg “BigMeatyClaws.”

    And a note of warning: texting “rubber duck” can have unfortunate (or fortunate) autocorrect results, depending on the recipient.

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  • THE Crossroads

    Crossroads logoOur friends at Turtle Hill Events would love to invite you to explore Crossroads – happening September 15-18, 2016 in Darlington MD

    Come to THE Crossroads to explore the intersection of the sacred and the profane. You’ll find a sex-positive environment peopled with open-minded folks from the pagan, bdsm and swing world and classes that explore sensuality and connection from many different perspectives. The site is completely private and clothing-optional, with nice, electrified cabins and a swimming pool. We like to say THE Crossroads is THE Beltane’s kinkier sibling. Join us!

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